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  1. A friend had MAZIE chain tensioners and I have 2 of these stems. So for I have heard that it was likely made in the WI/IL region. No other info as of yet?
  2. Frontload 1 1/8 threadless. Any info appreciated...... Thanks in advance! I am lost on this one.
  3. Wow they are still selling this junk? No matter how long I was gone things are still crazy funny LOL! http://cgi.ebay.com/haro-bmx-125-light-alloy-head-25-4-x-24-old-school-/310215490516?pt=Cycling_Parts_Accessories&hash=item483a48bbd4
  4. Here are some click-able thumbs of the BXC in question.
  5. I snapped a few pix of the frame and will post them here as soon as i can. The frame was found in a warehouse in Madison with a tag that said BXC prototype and the serial # is BXC012 but it is definitely Profile manufactured.
  6. Yeah SB the production sets were made by Voris but they had prototypes made by Profile when they were shopping for a manufacturer.
  7. RIP Scott you will be missed.

  8. Very very cool frame. I have a 20" BXC proto-type frame that is the same as the 20" BB just the serial # is different. I love all the old Profile made stuff!
  9. is still alive! But barely.....

  10. It's funny,because I thought I did too. Small world What do we know?