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  1. Frame/Fork: 1980’s Profile Champ Pro (year unknown/repro decals) Head Set: NOS Cycle Pro/Hatta MX-100 Cranks: Profile 3rd gen. 182mm (non-drive arm rechromed/repro decals) BB: Profile Spider: Profile Chain Ring: NOS PPP 44T Chain Ring Bolts: Sugino Chain: D.I.D. Pedals: Hutch Pro Pedal Cages: NOS Hutch Pro Bars: Star Bars (missing one decal) Stem: NOS Pro Neck II Grips: NOS Ame Fini Front Brake: NOS Dia-Compe MX-900 Rear Brake: NOS Dia-Compe MX-1000 Brake Pads: NOS Skyway Pro Levers: NOS Dia-Compe Tech 3 Cables: NOS Dia-Compe dated 06-17-82 front/NOS Weinmann rear Seat: NOS Kashimax Aero Post: Robinson Clamp: NOS Dia-Compe MX Hinged Rims: NOS Araya 7X (That’s part of a price sticker on the rear) Hubs: Sonlite Turbo Freewheel: Suntour 16T Tires: Mitsuboshi Comp IV (1.75 rear/NOS 2.125 front) Tubes: NOS Diamond Back Turbo Lite 1.50 Pads: NOS California Lite Plate: NOS Haro Tech I’ve never had a Profile and have wanted one for my collection for many years. A bunch of my racing buds had Profiles and it’s one of my favorite brands. I’ve had the parts set aside for this bike for over a decade--I’ve actually had the forks since 1992! I was holding out for one of the later XL frames, but finally caved and picked up this Pro frame to use instead. I had some red vs. yellow color options for the seat, brake pads, sprocket and grips and finally decided to go with what you see here. Everything is original finish other than the one crank arm. The only repros on this bike are the valve caps, Profile decals and of course the Super Bee sticker. The 18 on the plate is for 2018. I’m so glad to finally have this one together and really pleased with how it turned out, but hope to find an XL frame someday to swap out with this one. I hope you dig as well!
  2. Hey guys--I haven't posted here in ages. Here's my contribution: 19.5" 1986 Titan TE-1000 Pro 20.5" 1986 Titan TE-1000 Pro cruiser 19.5 1984 Hutch Trick Star 20" 1985 Redline RL-20II 20.5" 1989 Kastan Proline 20.5" 1989 Kastan KEX Pro S (stretch) 20.5" 1989 Kastan KEX Pro S cruiser 20.5" 1984 Thruster Bi-Power XL
  3. Kastan BBs are stamped Kastan and they have a look similar to a Profile hop up kit.
  4. That bike is sooo sweet--that's art right there I wasn't familiar with Killer Kages other than the name. Absolutely well deserved win right there. That Technique ain't too shabby either! It was fun ridin' w/you Stephen. Great to meet your better half and pup as well. And thanks for watching my bike all day Mike
  5. I contacted them through ebay to buy some stuff last year.
  6. Hot lookin' ride for sure! The axle is not tapered on the Katan strut. The bearings are the same as a RL Tecmatic BB, Kastan Tecmatic II BB, Hadley BB and Hutch Aerospeed BB.
  7. Thanks bro. The Titan is an EXACT replica of my race bike from 86-89. If fact, the pedals, cranks and rear hub are the same ones I bought when I was 14 Yes those are early DY bars on the JMC. I think they were just called JMC Pro bars at the time.
  8. I appreciate it guys Here's the rest: Except for the Cyclecraft--I have to get the correct decals before I share that one. The blue Quad is apart at the moment. Enjoy!
  9. Thanks again fellas! OK twist my arm ;) Here are some more pix: I'll update with more pix tomorrow.
  10. Thanks for the kind words, gents! Zane--maybe I should get around to posting up the # plate collection too Matt--yeah I started collecting in '02 and FINALLY got them together, lol! Glenn--Yes I'll be there. It'll be my first time to CA so I'm psyched!
  11. Here's some shots of my bikes pictured together for the first time. They've always been crammed into a small room with other stuff so it was fun to actually see them all lined them up. I thought you guys might like to see 'em: listed clockwise: Schwinn Scrambler Schwinn Sting Haro Freestyler Redline RL-20II Kappa Starsky Hutch Trick Star VDC Changa Long JMC Black Shadow Kastan Proline SE PK Ripper SE Quadangle Titan TE-1000 Pro Ti-lite/Titan TE-1000 Pro Cruiser Cyclecraft Pro XL SE Floval Flyer SE Quadangle I recently uploaded some of them in the data base and will get the rest in there too. There are a few more disassembled/incomplete as well. I hope you like!
  12. This is a loose replica of my first BMX bike which my brother gave me in June 1983 shortly after my 11th birthday. He had spray painted it blue and assembled it with spare parts. I remember it had a Pro Neck and “alloys” for rims, lol! Some of the parts made their way to the Schwinn Sting I got the following Christmas :) This bike belonged to my step-brother BITD and I rescued it from my father’s basement. I gave him a call and he said I could have it. Luckily it was the same style frame/fork and this one still has the original blue paint although it’s not perfect. It actually had some good parts on it, but I changed it up to a close approximation of what I had. I like to call it my “rat bike”, lol!
  13. This is my original finish 1986 straight chain stay PK Ripper. Most people call these 1985 only, but they are actually the ’86 model which began production in later part of 1985 and continued well into 1986. It’s the first bike I bought as a collector. I had a white ’86 PK which I bought from my cousin in 1987. He was the original owner and I used it as my “trick bike” before eventually getting my Trick Star. A classmate offered to sell me his very high end Trick Star for $550 so I sold the PK for $550 to get it :) Anyway, I just wanted to own a PK Ripper again of any year. I totally lucked out and got the exact same model I had not even realizing the difference at the time! The only parts remaining from my initial purchase are the wheels, cranks and sprocket. BITD I used the same wheels and cranks on mine so it worked out perfectly. Actually, I originally bought white Z-rims with white Suzue sealed hubs, but ended up trading them for 1st gen Peregrine 48s since they were the newest thing at the time. I also ran SR Turbox cranks, but swapped them for Sugino CTs. I would like to build up the same Z wheels for this one some day, but the hubs seem to be elusive. I’ve also got a set of white alloy flange Tuff IIs with white Comp 3s for this bike. Confused yet? The only thing refinished on this bike are the vertical stamped Landing Gear which I swapped out for the unstamped set the bike came with. No repros were used on this bike.
  14. Check out my original finish chromoly Quadangle! Technically it's an 83 model, but it was built in 12/82. It was partially spray bombed black when I got it. The owner had plans to strip and refinish the frame, but thankfully I was able to rescue it. Lou in FL skillfully stripped off the black for me and saved the beautiful original finish free of charge-thanks again Lou! I spent quite a bit of time removing the remaining paint spatter and it turned out even better than I had hoped. The early 2nd gen quads were made out of chromoly for a very short time-far less made than chromoly looptails. They have smaller diameter rear triangle tubing than Reynolds quads. The only reproduction items are 1 crank arm decal, and the stem pad. One crank arm had to be rechromed, but the bike is all original finish other than that.
  15. I had the itch a couple years ago to build up a JMC and decided a Black Shadow was my first choice. Thanks to Jim Melton I found out it was sold to Bicycle Warehouse of Bakersfield, CA on 11/21/1980 so I built it up to 1981 specs. The only repro items on this bike are the pads and some of the decals--the crank decals, seat post decal (over the OG decal) and I assume the frame and fork decals as well. The non-drive crank arm and pedals are refinished. The stem was partially stripped when I picked it up from the original owner so I finished the job and hand polished it. I'm pretty psyched on how the bike turned out :)