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  1. I have always liked the feel of GT pro bars but also like Slams. growing up I always had GT pros
  2. I don't see there being a large demand for repro parts and still have my doubts about these "last run" parts. These seem like last run last month... No doubt they are probably made by Von but that hasn't really been verified either. Pretty lame.
  3. I had a Free Agent fork once that had that same problem. looks like they destroyed the lower race and just rolled with it...
  4. here is a pic from when I sold it: This Limo was one of my first builds when I got into collecting. It was also one of the last to go when I decided to sell off my stuff. Nice to have it back!
  5. I recently reacquired an old frame-set I sold a few years ago and have plans to rebuild it a little more era correct than I had built it before. When I had it built before I used mostly parts that were available in the middle part of the nineties as that is the era I am most familiar. For this build I am looking to stay in the 89-90 era. What was the standard equipment in those years? I am looking to stay away from the exotica.. I am fishing for suggestions here, any input is much appreciated.
  6. I remember a Holmes posted on the local Craigslist years ago that had the seat clamp and the guts and some cool cable guide/clamps that were big enough to fit onto the downtube of that "oversized" Holmes.
  7. looks like what it says it is TRS cruiser fork! a local company from my neck of the woods..
  8. http://www.facebook.com/GroodyBros?v=photos#!/photo.php?fbid=1485468856551&set=o.185783299918&type=3&theater didn't get to see the after photos...
  9. I was going through my old pics and saw a bunch DC had sent me years back, dude has some unique stuff..
  10. some obscure stuff and hens teeth... the VG axle nuts on the left have a recessed area that the VG washers would fit in. these are the only 2 I have and I have never seen any others quite like them. they came in a LARGE setup of VG stuff that was a traveling vendors samples, or at least that is what I was told... the VG crank spacer is also a very unique piece it is another that came in that set.. when I recieved all of this stuff it was all new and in the packages still. never seen another VG H/S cap like this onther than in the ad. the vendor sheet I got with the stuff: these are also from that set. these are theonly VG tensioners like this I have ever seen: this Bully lower headset cup was pretty cool, made of "shock steel" foil label Crupi pedals: Block padsets: these Svelte Ti seats are pretty hard to come by: I don't know if these are fitting but they seem to be some what obscure. skin color Comp IIIs: Redwall raimbow label Comp IIIs that I got from a dude in Japan. never saw another set like these... older S&M fork: Platform Dirtbike, no gusset (needed one...) Pre-Widow S&M 24, not many of these around: Sabbath Shirt: red Pitbulls: factory annodized Crupi squares: Standard Layback post: Brand X dropout savers: Brand X cruiser bars: these are someone elses here but check out this 1st gen Brand X Fork: old school DK Iron ons (still have some of these): JU mini (Jeff Utterback): I believe this is a Revcore mini stem. I may be wrong but obscure non the less... here is one while you can still see real one, an authentic ELF Zipback post: Factory paint Free Agent Pro cruiser, was told it was an unused team issue cruiser... come on guys we need to see some more!
  11. I like the Phils better but have never owned the Sunshines. I like the way the Phils bolt up
  12. the rider this is a sneek peek, more pics/info to come...