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  1. if thats an example whats some of the other stuff? Lets see it!
  2. How good are those Bear Components? What was the Bear Gooseneck stem though?
  3. You should consider the following: There's been studies that show that the more choices we have the less likely we are to achieve happiness. It's counter intuitive because our society teaches us that happiness comes with freedom and freedom comes with choice. .... .... .... ...I HOWEVER, WOULD BE HAPPY BEING MISERABLE WITH ALL YOUR CHOICES!!!!!!
  4. Cool geometry. For me the answer is simple. If you're not 1000% sure don't restore it. Its only original once. Even with the problems. Put some used parts on it and let it be a rare bike with character. Its happened to all of us. You restore bike, and then the bike is brand new looking, so all the parts end up NOS and before you realize it you've built up a carpet queen.
  5. I'm fascinated by those early days of BMX when they were just modifying what they had and incorporating motocross parts. Just figuring it out as they went. I wish I could see more photos of that stuff. Same thing as later on when shops were trying to make ultra light, ultra trick customs, and they made their own components to save weight and invented cool little solutions.
  6. ok hold on. THIS IS FUCKING RAD. I also learned about these frames on the site a few years ago and was really curious about them. The break lever- what a touch The drilled out cranks-so rad Show us some more details on how this frame is made. What a sick machine. Right when I get a little bored with the hobby I see something like this. I'm stoked for you. Its different, its fresh, and original.
  7. Damn, good info right there Curt. I have to say those are nice hubs.
  8. I agree though. Mcam's set in the box are a thing of beauty. Also, go flip through some early 80's mags. The bullseyes definitely stand out over say the Japanese hubs that were advertising.
  9. On a side note, who do I talk to about my Profile not saying I'm a site supporting member? Put the money in recently but my profile never got updated. i was looking forward to officially not being a lurker anymore.
  10. well I guess the final verdict is......... FUUUUCK BULLSEYE haha
  11. No, They weren't on a survivor. They were on a well done JMC cruiser with all top notch components. It would surprise me if the person went cheap on the hubs. But I suppose its possible. The hubs definitely don't add up. There must be some other clues I can check for. Anyone?
  12. Damn, sorry I didn't didn't flip them. Anyways if other pics would help with the ID let me know. I will say that the bearings had play and didn't fit the hub super snug. There was a little give on a couple of them. Don't know if thats a clue.
  13. Hey Guys, Can anyone help clarify what these hubs are exactly? I got them on a cruiser from 82. The sticker looks right but I thought the bearings should be orange and also I thought the allen bolts should be bigger. Are they old hubs with incorrect hardware? Newer hubs posing as older ones with the sticker? Is there any war to tell? Thanks
  14. Years ago I remember reading an amazing thread where a member on one of the sites restored some DX pedals. I remember the restoration was insane. He did an amazing job, pulled the pins out, etc. It was the most thorough restoration I have seen. I remember he even designed his own polishing/sanding tools. Does that ring a bell to anyone? Anyone know where it is? Was it a member named Ted Carl? If not can anyone point me towards a DX restoration thread thats somewhat as good? thanks, Juan
  15. YES!!!!!! That looks so fun. I need to move to Southern California. Cant imagine how fun it must be spend a day riding 26" cruisers with like minded dudes. Must be a blast