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  1. Also a load of black B2's from 'bmxwarehouse' in the recent past. We are all accustomed to his newly made SE bars, Tuf Necks, and Bullseye stuff...plus a brand nobody but him has ever heard of (USA Machine Works) that he claimed to all be NOS. Wonder where all those B2s came from
  2. What is everyone's thoughts on the Oakley 1's that keep popping up for sale? They are all without boxes and look like they were just poured....zero 'shelf wear' and when one set sells, another mint condition set without a box pops up. Mainly in black and red (2 of the harder to obtain colors, ya?) Could someone have talked their way into a backdoor deal to use the molds? Does A'ME still have the molds, or does Oakley have them secured in a vault?
  3. aww man! There is nothing like obtaining the holiest of holy grails and then stepping away from the hobby. I remember Lionel having/buying the top shelf stuff (as this here frame portrays) Sweet frame.....
  4. Well, I guess I was one of the fucktards as well. When I claimed mine to be an STR-1 many years ago, I was flamed for it because it didn't have the tubes under the BB. MIne (sold now) had 2 sets of numbers stamped into the bb shell. No, I didn't object to anyones stance that their bikes were or were not a genuine STR, I guess I was given false info in this arguement a long time ago and dropped it back then. I am an idiot as I took a perfect loop quad and powdered it black (it was several colors at the time couldn't tell what the OG color was, but still.....) This was back in '96, I bought a NOS Landing Gear fork for it and powdered it too not realizing the Cycle Pro was probably more correct. I don't have a dog in this fight anymore, which is why I never engaged anyone otherwise....just remembered being beat up for claiming I had one all those years ago. When I sold it (2000?), It was a F/F set in gloss black....anyone here grab it?
  5. Can someone give a definitive answer to exactly what constitutes a looptail quad to be labelled as a STR-1? My understanding all these years was the twin downtubes went under the BB as one piece and continued through the loop and to the seat stays. Also that these are quite rare (under 10?) Lately, people have been posting up bikes (not here, but the opposite 'circus' side of bmx forums) and claim them to be STR1's when clearly the tubes do not go under the BB shell. The belief is that if it is a 'mild steel' quad...it is a STR-1. These fucktards will take it to their grave that they own a STR-1, when they do not. I mean, there are a couple nice examples of early SE goodness, but the frames aren't what they think they are. STR 1, Quadangle history
  6. I have come across several 'grails' and passed them on to new owners. This is one I would keep and that is saying alot! The Big Tube has got to be one of the coolest 20's out there. Nice job!
  7. Not disparaging at all. No need to jump to conclusions regarding your very narrow member base (those that contribute on a regular basis) I didn't say anything negative about Society at all. Just pointing out the ideology around here is towards preservation, against disturbing original finishes, protecting the integrity of the 'hobby' by outing reproductions and shady people. Nothing wrong with that at all. It is too bad many more don't catch on before ruining bikes and parts forever by giving everything a coat of paint and a polishing. Goes to show you just how many people in this 'hobby' (short term or long term) just don't get it based on the member base of other bmx sites. It is about reliving your past...bikes with battle scars and wear, and once it is media blasted away and powdered, the soul is gone forever.
  8. DeBruin, Man, it's a lost cause here. The 10 or 12 regulars that keep this site busy will not bend in their stance on the purity of the 'hobby'. It is like a group of angst ridden pre-teens hungry to pick on ANYONE and you just skip in and try to fight. It is a lost cause man! Head over to the Museum and the 'V' where your target demographic is. I mean why are they starting a list anyway? Because they want to keep up on all things fraud out in the open. In my eyes, exact copies passed off as NOS are the true crime.(ie: Sunnysgirl, californiabmxwarehouse, and the other ID's he runs to sell his newly made goods as "NOS" and "80's")and the con that goes with them ("Oh my boy is at college and I found this box of bicycle stuff in the garage") Hate comparing the hobby to vintage cars, but the parallel is there. So all these companies that reproduce weatherstripping, body panels, radio knobs, carpets...they went thru the same grilling? Year One, you could practically build an entire car with their reproduced goods. That scene is well rehearsed on the auth of parts, there is a market for people that want the immediate gratification in lieu of the hunt. Same with BMX. Provenance is only going to go so far by the second or third sale of a true NOS item: "I got this from a guy who bought it at one of Jeff Haney's yard sales" So it is what it is: 1) Someone with access to a machine shop makes EXACT copies and sells them as authentic NOS - SAL / Sunnysgirl, etc 2) A company that never went away sees a market niche and tries to capitalize on it by reintroducing their own products A'ME Cam grips-newly poured with old logo, VG, Haro, Skyway etc 3)A defunct brand name gets revitalized by someone else because the OG ownders have no interest (or they know how much headache goes into this venture and want to see how quickly the new owner folds) Hutch, CW, 4) Tribute bikes / parts made by a different company to capitalize on a specific design to people that want it. CW Phaze cruisers, Miranda 20, Tru Torch tributes, Kappa, Knight All that said, I am in the grey area on this...on the fence. I am ok with tributes but not exact replicas being passed off as NOS. I bought a 24 T/A, but then sold it and made some money. I stopped looking at anything TufNeck because even patina and light hammer marks can be done to throw off suspicion. Hutch? I didn't own it then and don't own it now. The pedals can be doctored easily to pass off as old style. (Maybe do some deep engraving on 4 sides of the pedal body to make it a pain to refinish?) Anyway, the solid stance on the purity of the hobby and protecting it is what Society is all about. The core of 10-12 guys have been steadfast in their opinions, it is so much easier to just tell someone to fuck off than to educate and just 'talk'. It didn't take me long around here to understand what OG finish is all about, I fucking can't stand seeing these ladyboi's carpet queens with polished-to-the-hilt parts and fresh powder. Bikes didn't look like that back then. Never saw a Hutch at the tracks BITD with box Profiles, Titrons, or other ultra exotic parts. Shit got used and abused and they were made to. I have to go, breakfast burritos are ready.
  9. How insulting would that be to buy this bike and do a pictorial taking it apart and media blasting it...then paint OG colorway and make it a shameful history lesson "to all you museum clowns who don't have a clue" I mean, really shame the idiot that envisioned this albatross.....jeeezuz
  10. At the hospital where I work, 9 out of 10 admissions on my floor are pneumonia (past month anyway)It takes over on most of the older crowd...good to hear he is doing better!
  11. Glad to now own this. Was purchased as an unknown brand, it was ID'd here as a Schneider. Handbuilt racing frames out of Milliken Colorado by a racecar fabricator (think Gary Turner!) Snappy frame geometry, comfy at the track.
  12. Scored a 1982 Kuwahara cruiser with this fork on it. There is no drill hole and the legs are thinner than most forks I have seen. The dropouts should give an idea of brand. Funny, it had 26" wheels on it when I got it. Traded a few parts I wasn't ever going to use (newschool) for it.
  13. He is like Cartman...enjoying the tears of sorrow
  14. I have heard stories about this dude. He seems to get a kick out of watching guys salivating over the goods, gather up some bikes only to be shut down trying to make a deal. Can you imagine some guy knowing the value and trying to pretend it is just some bike for the kid....and this guy secretly knows the value as well and just loves to play the game and LOVES to see the letdown. Personally, I don't see the point of accumilating all that and just watching it rust over the years.