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  1. There used to lots of pictures of the park back then. I think there used to be pictures of the vintage event we did there years ago. i grew up in Torrance and still live in Redondo Beach. I take my son there quite a bit and while a few landmarks are still there it’s very different from the 80s. Welcome to the site... Tony
  2. That’s great bonding and exercise. Keep at it.
  3. I could not imagine getting into a cruiser race at 50+ and the guys I’d have to race against are Billy Griggs and Harry Leary. That would suck! Lol
  4. This is another sad moment for our BMX community. He was a good guy and will be missed.
  5. Man...this is horrible news Brett. Let’s hope for a miracle.
  6. BTW...I still have all the bikes I’ve built over the years. Most are in boxes but I do have them. Lol.
  7. Omg I still want this bike. I’d quit after that!
  8. I sense a new collection/addiction developing. Haha
  9. Both of the builds are great. I really like the 26” with the black tires a lot better than with skin wall. The gold on the 29 is killer.