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  1. Both of the builds are great. I really like the 26” with the black tires a lot better than with skin wall. The gold on the 29 is killer.
  2. I forgot about this. Mine is still sitting in a box
  3. Always, always the coolest of the craziest 70’s builds. A true pioneer in this game. Rick has so much history to pull from he builds great bikes.
  4. That is so clean. It definitely lived a pampered life. who would have scrapped that even back then...?
  5. Beautiful replica! Two OG’s right up there also!
  6. Yeah, it’s been a minute since I posted a project
  7. Your patience paid off. Nice find.
  8. It’s been close to 10 years since I’ve built a bike. i purchased this frame about 9 years ago with the intention of building it then. When we got pregnant it went on the shelf. Now my son rides... In anticipation of the summer to come I recently built this 1935 Schwinn Cycleplane Cal Custom. It kind of came out like a resto mod... Frame paint is original. Parts were kept with original finish where possible. In cases such as the rims and handlebars polishing was needed to restore finish and color uniformity. Frame: 1935 Schwinn Cycleplane Forks: SE Racing Landing Gear Bars: Tuf Neck Grips: Ame Rounds Stem: Tuf Neck Headset: Tioga MX-2 Headset Lock: Tange Cranks: Campagnolo Strada Sprocket: ? Pedals: Shimano DX Rims: Ukai 26X2.125 Spokes: 16g Stainless Nipples: Red Annodized Front Hub: Campagnolo Gran Sport Nuovo Tipo Rear Hub: Bendix Automatic (2-Speed Kickback) Seat: Schwinn Tires: Cheng Shin (it’s a daily rider...) Badge is not era correct but the head tube looked naked and needed something... What it looked like when I got it: After a color sand with 1000 grit: Pre Build Layout: The Final Build:
  9. Wow...the suspense that was building! “Is he going to able get the post out or not...?” I just didn’t know. Lol. I’m glad you were able to get it out. It gives me hope that just about any post can get removed without damaging the frame.