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  1. Dude...Coincidentally, I just watched this movie again the other day. Thank you for posting this.
  2. I’m tripping out on the head tube. I’m not quite sure what’s going on there. Can you post a close up picture? Killer bike...
  3. There used to lots of pictures of the park back then. I think there used to be pictures of the vintage event we did there years ago. i grew up in Torrance and still live in Redondo Beach. I take my son there quite a bit and while a few landmarks are still there it’s very different from the 80s. Welcome to the site... Tony
  4. That’s great bonding and exercise. Keep at it.
  5. I could not imagine getting into a cruiser race at 50+ and the guys I’d have to race against are Billy Griggs and Harry Leary. That would suck! Lol
  6. This is another sad moment for our BMX community. He was a good guy and will be missed.
  7. Man...this is horrible news Brett. Let’s hope for a miracle.
  8. BTW...I still have all the bikes I’ve built over the years. Most are in boxes but I do have them. Lol.
  9. Omg I still want this bike. I’d quit after that!
  10. I sense a new collection/addiction developing. Haha