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  1. Im pmd you Dirty

  2. Family obligations kept me away but it looks like a great time as always.
  3. Another nice find. And it couldn’t have found a better home. By the way it’s peeling I would agree that it was probably repainted. Does the inside of the BB have white paint?
  4. It’s pretty pretentious if you ask me. Someone has more money than brains...or style! It was said earlier in the thread that it looks like a Cycle Pro. It’s not even a newly designed frame in my opinion. The seat is the best looking part of the bike. The rest is just relabeled generic parts it seems. Screams money grab.
  5. I’m no expert but m going to guess Boss. Weren’t they made about the same time as Auburn?
  6. I think blue hoops would be too much blue... just my opinion. Now post pics of that bug!
  7. I have a 4130 stick tail but it’s been in a box. I’ll try to pull it down to give you the serial number
  8. I'm not on FB so thanks for posting that! Such killer history.
  9. It's cool that he has the documentation that you can reproduce. I'm partial to the spokes myself... But it is fun to try various versions of builds to find just the right touch.
  10. It looks way better with the spoked rimes. I'm sooo confused as to what is happening on the dropouts on those forks. LOL