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  1. I picked my boy up a 2010 Intense Pro cruiser for 300 bux off Dans for xmas to replace his Street Beat that he's way to tall for now...I'm not much of a new skool guy, but that neon green podium style alloy frame is sweet!! He's wayyy stoked!! For a kid that just uses the bike to run around town I like the race oriented stuff better than the pegged up over built bikes.
  2. Thats some killer stuff Woody !!!! Cant wait to see the builds !!!!
  3. I agree, those brakes look cheap and nasty "in a bad way"... BP, thats not a turq GT Eddies on in the pic...I thought the same thing, and questioned quinonesm about it on vintage a while back and he stated that it was in fact a blue GT... I was with Endo on the color difference as I seem to remember the 85s as being more green also "like in the pic", but I just dug out my OG finish 85 and 86 turq RL20s, and they are in fact the same color...although Its likely that there may have been some slight differences in the RL colors... back to the debate...imho, I wouldnt have touched that frame...I like the restored stuff, but I'm more into the survivors, and that frame was just to nice to restore...but as far as restoring goes, someone jumped on Neil for restoring his JMC and painting it a non factory color...again, just my opinion, but once a bike has been repainted it doesnt matter if it was factory or a custom color, as it could always be repainted again to a factory correct color if someone so chooses...if the frame has had repair work done to it, it will usually need to be refinished anyway, so you might as well finish it in any color you want...with that said, a candy green JMC is just freakin ugly in my eyes, but it aint my bike...If I bought the bike from Neil then I would probably repaint it white "luv white JMCs" as he already got the hard repair work out of the way...not that I want to buy it or that its for sale, just stating a point... that RL is hardly ruined imo, but she will never be original again... and those brakes make me want to puke...
  4. 99 pre-Fuji Alloy Quad XL.. 07 Retro Quad..
  5. Paul, I saw Team Haro there in summer of 87...your frame was hanging up then, and had been there for a while "I used to spend a lot of time there"...I got my complete RL20 in late 86 from another shop, but I remember wanting your 20 II frame when I bought my shop built RL20, but couldnt convince my mom to drop all the coin on just a frame, and then spending 100s more on parts to build it...I'm def gonna say that your frame had to have been manufactured before 87...
  6. I remember Paulys bike hanging up at the bike shop...in 89 lol j/k bro Ya Paulys was def hanging in the shop in 86...I wanted that frame bad !!! Sweet kit btw...86-87, dont matter to me !!!
  7. I think it was christmas time 03, I was buying my kids some new bikes at Wal-Mart so I decided to pick up a Wal Goose KO for myself...soon I started watching ebay for a RL20 II, and I won a nice 86 but never received it and was refunded my money. Soon after I found my NOS white 99 alloy Quad, so thats my 1st build I guess...a few months later I built a 88 rl20 II, I then officially had the sickness...
  8. Thats not a Hutch layback, they all have a 2nd bend about 4" from the bottom of the post LOL.... I always dug the Robinson post, and SST's were-are the sheet !! I remember my 81 GT Pro had a layback bitd, but it was a lot different than any of the GT post I've ever seen, it was similar to the Robinson's bend, but not as long...It's the 1st layback I ever saw back then. Anyone else ever see a funky early GT layback ? I like drainpipes, but they only look right on certain bikes imo...definetly the ticket if you want to run it backwards to bring the bars closer to the seat, looks way better than a backward layback.
  9. is that the allusive "short rear dropout" version that was only produced for a short time? Yea, Haro was a the 1st to experiment with the short drops, but it's on the drive side only LOL... I dont know what the hell happened to this frame in it's previous life, but Chip says that he can make it new again....It looks like something just took a bite out of the drop and ripped it off. I got this for a good price off Dave Muggleston a couple of years ago, and all 84s must be saved, so I figured that this would be my contribution to bringing and old Haro back from the dead...Someday !
  10. You guys got me thinking about my 84........not quite as nice eh !!
  11. Great Pic, and that's an awesome bike !!! Sounds like you had a cool dad hookin you up with the Redlines !