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  1. Since I am not really familiar with TNT, I have a few questions for the High Council of Old School BMX. 1- Is TNT good? I am assuming so. I really like this frame set whatever it is. It's damn light! I wonder if it's aluminum. 2- Is TNT still around? I can't find website for them. 3- Did TNT stamp the dropouts on their mini's like they did that C4? Because this frame is definitely not stamped "TNT". I know this because the serial # is well defined through the powder coat. TNT decals would be cool if it is. Thanks again guys! I'll post a pic in a couple weeks when she's complete.
  2. Yeah, that rear end totally looks like that TNT. Is TNT still in business? Anyone know if they have a website? I couldn't find one for them.
  3. I'm adding a pic I just took. This shows where the top, bottom and head tubes meet. I searched for pics of GT Power Series Mini and TNT Mini. I couldn't find ANY for TNT. Nothing, nada. No TNT BMX, TNT Bikes... nothing. I saw some pics of a '99 or '98 GT Power Series Junior and Micro. The drop outs look like those as does the meeting of the top, bottom and head tubes, except this doesn't have the added support under the bottom tube to the head tube. Also, this frame doesn't look like those GT's where the seat stays meet the seat and top tubes. I couldn't find any pics of GT Power Series earlier than '98, so it could be an earlier model if GT made some that didn't have the seat tube piercing the top tube. Hey BMX 2112, Are you sure it's TNT? All you guys are awesome and I really appreciate your input. I am hoping to finish building it in the next couple weeks so my 7yr old daughter can race it.
  4. Thanks guys. I'll keep looking for pics to compare it to.
  5. I recently purchased this pink powdercoated frame/fork and handlebar set on ebay. It was listed as a Profile Mini Rocket. Someone told the seller they were sure it is a GT Mini. Well, I emailed Profile with the serial # and they responded that Profile has never stamped serial #'s on their frames. So it's not a Profile. I called GT (Pacific Cycles) and they were of no help either. Apparently bike companies just don't keep records of serial #'s. I also didn't see any pics online of GT Mini's that looked like this. This makes me want to create a website to archive bmx bikes. Anyways, if anyone can identify the frame I'd appreciate it. It has recently been powdercoated pink (by the seller) and the serial #'s are: Stamped on left rear dropout: 13574B7 Under bottom bracket: 174 Notice the chain stays angle up to the seat stays and the top and bottom tubes meet and are welded together before they meet the head tube. Thanks