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  1. Thanks…yeah…this one is a keeper. Will look better then new once I’m finished and yes…my kids like this one too.
  2. After picking it up cash in hand at night in Astoria…this is the condition it was in. Yes…never ridden and garage kept for six years or so…but…don’t leave a bike like this next to the lawn mower or whatever..!!! I am currently swapping out the brake with a blue Bullseye…just need to find a blue Bullseye lever to match. I swapped the pedals and seat clamp also switched the donuts. I finished polishing the wheels, bars, cranks and post…just need to finish up the frame/forks. Also had to swap out the chain for a brand KMC Z. Beautiful bike.
  3. Thank you Sir…I still would’ve liked to have one of your Navajo’s instead..!!! I meant to follow up with this one. Yes…I saw it listed on eBay over a year ago for local pick up in Astoria. Contacted the seller…had a meet up all set…but something on both ends kept us from meeting up. Kind of just gave up on it at some point. Over a year later I decided to follow up. It was no longer listed but I was able to contact the seller and this time it happened. This is the only pic I had of the bike as listed.
  4. I’ve been after this one for a while now… Found a, “Never ridden”…”Garage kept”…here on Long Island. This was a limited run of 250 if I’m correct. I was lucky enough to find #12.
  5. Thanks! I have too many of them. I had custom pad sets made up for them years ago.
  6. Thanks! That is the actual frame which started this post. Just happened on to it while looking for a 2019 BMX Society Reunion Skip Hess shirt. I grabbed the frame years back and had it refinished by Chip @ C4. It had quite a bit of rust but other than that it was perfect.
  7. WoW...Congrats Pete...Happy End Year...!!! That thing is beautiful...!!! Enjoy! ~Tom
  8. Really love it now...found a set of OG Black Chrome bars with OG decals and an OG lay-back seat post in Black Chrome. The post was missing it's decal...but luckily I have some OG decals handy and popped it on there. It is crazy hard to find the original bars and posts for these bikes...very lucky to have grabbed them! The bike looks so nice all decked in Black Chrome...!!!