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  1. WoW...Congrats Pete...Happy End Year...!!! That thing is beautiful...!!! Enjoy! ~Tom
  2. Really love it now...found a set of OG Black Chrome bars with OG decals and an OG lay-back seat post in Black Chrome. The post was missing it's decal...but luckily I have some OG decals handy and popped it on there. It is crazy hard to find the original bars and posts for these bikes...very lucky to have grabbed them! The bike looks so nice all decked in Black Chrome...!!!
  3. Thanks guys...always wanted to build one of these up. I added the part list above. This is an all original Black Chrome '83 GT. Yep...I think the O-Wings came out in late '84...? But...I thought they would look Bad-@$$ on this build...I had an extra set laying around. I really love the Terry Cable cranks as well...light-weight and sturdy!
  4. Every now & then I leave my comfort zone which is Mongoose...and build something a bit different...sort of change it up...but don't worry...I have a bunch of Geese to work on next. I've been sitting on this one for a while now...finally put it together with some parts I had laying around. 1983 GT PRO OG Black Chrome... Parts : - GT PRO frame & fork - GT PRO bars - GT lay-back seat post - GT 1st generation Race Lace hubs - GT Custom made pad set - Hutch deep H stem - Hutch 2 n 1 head set lock 1" - Hutch seat clamp - Terry Cable crank set - Suntour MP-1000's - Kashimax Aero - NOS Ambrosio Hard Anodized hoops - Oakley O-Wing grips - Dia-Compe MX 1000
  5. Thanks again! It took around 20+ hours to get this one done...but well worth it...an hour here...two hours there...all after the baby goes to sleep and I actually have some energy to work...!!! Well...all done...decals are on and the '75 Ashtabula forks have arrived. I might build this one up with some newer Goose parts and see how she looks. I took a picture of both 75's together. My complete '75 is all original...not a part was changed from her since 1975. I was the 1st person to take the wheels off for over 35 years...!!! Taken apart just to clean up and then went right back together.
  6. OK...think she is ready for some decals...anyway...my hands are to tired to polish anymore...!!!
  7. LOL...Thanks...!!! But...Mothers has been around since the '70s...!!!
  8. I always like the before & after shots...so here are a few...she is coming along really nice. Gotta love these old Geese...they all seem to have their own personalities & characteristics...so much fun working on them!
  9. This...by far...has been the most fun I have had restoring a bike! This is my Son's, "New" 1986 Mongoose Mitygoose. His 1st bike had to be just like Dad's 1st Mongoose. Here are some before & after pics...then I leaned up on my actual 1st Goose.
  10. Thanks guys...here are some more pics as promised...even decided to jump in a pic with it myself...my wife took it...but...called me a dork...!?!?! I threw the handle bar and stem pads on to see what She would look like.
  11. I finally finished this one up...!!! I'm off to a 4th BBQ right now...so I'll get some more pics later tonight. This is a very special '75...it is totally original right from 1975...!!! It has every last original part it came with...except...the top tube decal... Always wanted a '75 and this is just how I wanted it...total OG goodness. ~Tom
  12. I love it John...makes me want to start working on my '81 survivor...!!! Great job..!!! ~Tom