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  1. well written. i have been checking back on this thread every couple days or so just to watch myself get bashed for asking a simple question. its kind of nice to se a completely unbiased response, even if it doesnt quite answer the question. there are too many dickheads out there that are quick to jump the gun and assume that because a streetbeat or [name drop here] bike is not my particular brand of vodka, i must think that its a piece of crap, therefore i am the sworn enemy. i once had some sort of hutch, when i was about 13 years old, for 1 day. i already had several bikes at the time, but a kid from school broke his leg and so i gave him my sega genesis for it. i didnt use the sega and he wanted it since he couldnt ride his bike. i dont remember anything about the frame other than the brake bridge was stamped "HUTCH", it was his older brothers hand me down, and it has the revolutionary Answer suspension fork. it was a complete bike, but the only parts i remember were flites, crupi pedals, dk 4pc bars, peregrine super pro's, and of course that old answer suspension fork. the day i got it i adjusted to the feel of it and went out riding in the trails behind 7-11. over a bigger set of a doubles i busted a half assed table top, and when i landed the fork blew apart and crank spindle snapped in half, flipping the crank arm around and ripping up my right shin. i thanked god that i didnt break my neck from the landing, and gave the broken bike to some kid at the trails for his t-shirt(to wrap the wound) and $2 to buy a slurpee(for the walk home). i didnt care about it. it was just an old hutch. to me, and most kids at that time, Hutch was an old company who didnt make "good" stuff. and i say "good" because i know now that they made great stuff, but in the late 80's/early 90's, if it wasnt neon or funky colored, it was junk. still, i dont regret doing what i did. im not like the majority of people who collect old anything. i refuse to scour the nation searching for old bike stuff just to resell it an make profit. i already have a job. i almost bought a minty fresh unscathed JAD complete bike the other day for $125. i didnt want it, but i knew someone who did, and so i told him i would buy it, swipe the (profile)cranks and (GT)chainwheel, and give it to him for what i paid. i would have gotten what i wanted, and he would have gotten a nice easily worth $500 or $600 bike for $125. then again i sold a 36K mile '67 corvair for $400 once while i was in jail just so i woldnt have to pay the impound fees. in conclusion. i am officially ignoring this thread from now on. to those who have had insightful answers, that you. it is appreciated. to the others, get fu@&ed.
  2. that can be said for bikes of any generation. its a geometry issue, has nothing to do with date of manufacture. what i mean by "newer technology is generally better" was intended towards equipment, not sizes or shapes. brakes was just the first thing that came to mind in my first post, however just about every aspect of cycling(or anything for that matter) is getting better, safer, and more durable every day. thats why companies invest millions of dollars in research and development. i dont understand why people keep taking so much offense in this. i never questioned you guys on your hobbies. i just asked why you picked what you picked. it was curiosity.
  3. look man, i dont know you. fact is, i dont know anybody here. theres no need to get e-tough. im just asking a simple question. never did i say what i was riding, and not once did i say anything was better than anything else. i did voice my opinion to state that newer technology is generall better than older technology. this true in nearly every aspect of everything. as time goes on, things get better. someone might think that the best car ever built is a hemi 'Cuda, or a BMW M3, or a '65 Mustang, or whatever. truth is, there is no best car ever built, because as long as there are people who like a different car, there will be different opinions and different votes towards the best car ever built. still, as i zip up my flame suit, i still dont have the desire for the old or mid school stuff i once enjoyed at a younger age. sure, i enjoy reading about and riding mid school stuff, and it would be kinda neat to see NOS units of every bike i have owned, but i would never in my life dump $2K into a 10/20/30 year old bicycle. mind you, one of the last bikes i sold was an Intense M1 which would cost roughly $5500 to build. it was a purpose built machine, and i didnt have half of that invested. i sold it to pay my rent again, as i stated in my starting post, if its nostalgia or something to that effect, great. if not, thats cool too, im just a different person with a different view. all i was asking is why people have the old school rides they have. im not here to judge or insult people because i think their stuff sucks, i dont. im just a curious party. and 8587GN, i agree that a lot of newer bikes look the same. thats what bikes look like. but you cant say that all the looptail bikes from the 70's and 80's dont all look strikingly similar too. same goes for any generation. if you take out the few oddball frames(Jad, Haro, Auburn, Hemi, etc), all bikes look the same to the untrained eye. its still two triangles and two circles. btw(not to stray away from topic): but nice name drop in your /nick. i used to have an 87 GN when i was 17. my mom actually had a red GN(not regal). my grandma was a higher upper at GM in Trenton NJ for like 30+ years and back then you could ask for special treatment and actually get it. she also had a red turbo T/A with red BBS factory wheels. i ran 10.90's in my GN at age 18 and sold it to fund a '67 Corvair Resto. the red GN got stolen in south philly, red T/A was sold to one of the lower ranked '91 philadelphia phillies. anyway, back on topic. i can not stress this enough, im just wondering what makes certain bikes so important to certain people
  4. ok so being 26 years old, im not "old school" enough for any of these forums i keep seeing, so maybe its just me but... whats so special about the quadangle, or trick star, or streetbeat, or CW, or JMC, or [insert "uber expenssive, rare, ultimate" bike and/or part here]? i mean i know that a lot of the guys(and gals) out there who are "old school" either had or wanted this stuff when they were younger, and so they have the desire to become reaquainted with them, but is that all it is? when i see some rusty old pile on ebay fetching hundreds of dollars on a daily basis, it gets my brain turning. i would much rather spend $60 on a brand new set of new school DX pedals rather than $200 on an old set of Hutch units. much like iwould rather have the safety of riding on newer components rather than their old counterparts. do people really ride bikes with old shimano dx(or whatever) caliper brakes? or race on these old dinosaurs i see regularly with the ten foot rise handlebars and mile high seat post? i know that this is what they had to work with back in the 70's and 80's but these arent the only people collecting. when i was racing in the late 80's and especially early to mid 90's, low and lean was the preferred setup of choice. whether it was a GT, Elf, Cyclecraft, TNT, Haro, Auburn, or whatever, they were all basically the same anyway, two triangles, two wheels, two balls. the majority of bikes all had the same exact components, and some of them were even the same frames, despite the manufacturers decal or stamp they had on them at the time. cranks were either flites or profiles, forks were pitch or landing gear, bars were slam, and seats were flite ti or uni, either way the post was cut so much that it was impossible to sit on it for fear of literally ripping a new one. you dont need a seat to ride a bike, but rules are rules. is this what we are going to be doing in 2016? ebay fighting over the last MX88 lever or UGP number panel in the known galaxy? i sure hope not. being the owner of a few mid school rides, i still ride what i can daily, i havent kept anything purely stock or era spefcific. i have no intention of doing so either. ever. i dont care what is "correct", im never riding a bike with anything shy of v-brakes again. i didnt have them when i was younger, but im glad i do now. trying to slow down a 200lb guy on a 30lb bike with some 15 year old ACS Boa's is rediculous. id be better off trying to punch Jesus Christ in the face. and now i step down from my soap box and ask to you all: what makes your dream bike so special? if its nostalgia, i understand. certain people hold certain things close to their hearts. however, if your 15 years old and your dream bike wasnt made this millennium, i have a bad feeling about the future. as for now, im putting all the Bomber Padsets and GT Epoch headsets i can find in a time capsule and setting the date for 2020. if i can make it that long without dying due to "massive group orgy" or "killer space insects invading earth", i'll be a gazillionaire from selling you guys my nuts. Jive Nutz that is.
  5. ok i just checked ebay to see if the guy messaged me and was looking around at some stuff he has sold in the past, came across this gem. might help to ID(well not ID, but give me info).
  6. ok so i picked up this frame for $10, dont know much about it, and was wondering if you guys could help me... the ad says its made by "soul bikes". i know soul CYCLES makes road/cross and mtb frames, but i figured id check it out anyway. its a 4130 unit with a 1" head tube and as you can see from the pics, it has 990's on what seems to be wish bone seat stays. it should be in the mail next week, so i will take some more pics of it once i recieve it. i bid on it days ago and forgot about it. today i got the e-mail stating that i won the frame, and so i contacted them about any info or decals for it. the ad states that its new and unbuilt. we shall see only pic i have now
  7. ok last year i aquired a Profile Rocket on the cheap from some kid who just wanted drug money. i rode it, i still ride it, but now im forced to sell it, and dont know how much to ask for it. since i dont know much about it, i dont know how much to ask for it. what im looking for here is any information you guys have to offer, as well as a price range i should shoot for. after a brief chat with a guy from profile i have found that they were made in extremely limited numbers from '95-'98, they are made from straight guage aluminum, and they cost between $350-$400 new. it has canti mounts with a cable stop, 1 1/8" head tube, american BB, burly downtube gusset, and a TNT-esque rear triangle with a semi looptail but the seatstays run all the way to the end of the dropout. dont mind the S&M decals. i had a challenger with thrashed chainstays and stuck the decals on this. they were already paid for. also, i have a pic from before the paintjob if interested.
  8. may not be very old school, but... in '92ish i bought an S&M Dirt Bike frame and all top shelf build parts to complete. Pitch Forks, Slam Bars, Profile 3pc, crupi high/araya 7x wheelset, etc. i loved it. once i started driving in '96, i sold it. a few days ago i walk in a bike shop i have never been to, trying to pick up some new grips for my park bike(Profile Rocket with S&M Challenger decals, dont ask), well the place was dead and the sales guy is talkin to me and trying to make small talk. so were talkin about older(late 80's - '95ish) bikes i once had: Auburn, Cyclecraft, TNT, Elf, etc, and i mentioned S&M. he says to me "hey, you wouldnt happen to be interested in an old old dirt bike, would ya?" so i told him i would have to see it and determine what its worth and what he wants for it. he explains to me that some kid brought it in about 8 years ago with a mangled rim which needed repairs. they fixed it, but never saw the kid again. over the years it was basically stripped for parts, and the frame/fork/headset/stem/bars was eventually used briefly as a transport device for one of their mechanics who later moved on, but left the frameset and stuff behind. so were still walkin and talkin getting closer to the storage building and he opens up the door to show me my old bike. shocked at first, then frozen with a feeling of pure delight, i smiled and asked him what he wanted for it, to which he replied "$150", i would have paid it, but i knew it wasnt worth it to anyone else and i kinda shook my head no , to which he responded "$75?". i gave him $60, picked up the grips that i had gone there for and as hes ringing me up i told him that it was my bike new in '92 and so on, he refunded my money. kind of a good story i guess. im as happy as a carp in a septic tank. now all i need is a 7/8" seat post for it, a chain, and some new tires and i'll be set build spec: S&M Dirt Bike Frame(20.25" TT) S&M Pitch Fork(1" threaded) Odyssey Dynatron headset S&M Slam bars DK pro quill stem Jive Tentacles grips Profile 180mm 3pc w/hop up kit Profile 44t sprocket Crupi Round or sealed DX knock off pedals DK sealed hubs/Sun BFR 48's w/ maxxis hookworms, or TNT Revolver/Araya 7x 36's w/ thrashed Tioga Comp III's Odyssey 1999(i think thats the name) seat clamp no post yet undecided on seat i want, i have a svelte which is very uncomfortable the last guy who rode it had v-brakes on it and this adaptor thing, which im keeping. i intend to ride this bike until i break it, and i would prefer the safety/performance of the V brakes. so i have Shimano DX V brakes Shimano DX lever anyway, heres a pic from the day i picked it back up. not a spot of rust, nor a sratch big enough to cause rust: