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  1. I had that helmet. It's tough to see...is that blue and yellow? I had blue and white. I remember wanting the Schwinn Hurricane but got the Tornado instead. Nice pick up.
  2. Yes you did...something like 10 years ago. I still have it. It's still intact.
  3. Hey Jon, yeah it's been a while since I've been active. I've lurked mostly for the past couple of years. I'm up to 4 kids (9g,7g,5b,4b) now and with that I've had to streamline a lot of things in my life... like hobbies. Everyone is well. I have a big project that I just finished collecting for. The only thing I wanted for it that I don't have is a nice minty white or blue Haro color plate or Flo Panel. It was my dream bike growing up. How is everything with you?
  4. Holy Crap!!! I thought I was the only one with a Schwinn Tornado.
  5. I aquired this Cook Bros frame and fork somewhere around 7 or 8 years ago with the intention of building a bike. After displaying it for a while i wrapped all the tubes in pipe insulation and stored it in my basement. I began to thin out my collection of parts and got to this set. I took the pics with the intention of posting it for sale but I can't bring myself to do it. My feelings may change at the next moment but right now I would like to hang on to it and admire it.
  6. A while back I posted a thread on a guy I knew who found a GT Pro Performer in a neighborhoos trash pile. http://www.bmxsociety.com/topic/58457-great-garbage-find-gt-pro-performer/#entry533746 The guy wants to restore the bike. I told him to give it a good cleaning but keep all the original parts if possible. He said the grips are thrashed (and by the looks of them they are) so he wanted to replace them. My advice was to buy grips that are right for the original bike. I thought they might be Oakley B2s judging by the picture. I did tell him he would have to pay to get a decent set and let him know that a nice used set would be a better fit than NOS. He texted me today and said he found GT grips and went ahead and ordered them. I asked him what he got and how much he paid. He said $14.99 with free shipping and he posted this pic: I want to tell him they are likely knock offs but I don't have enough information on these grips. I think he was taken in by the "GT" below the A'me. I just think they would look ridiculous but it is his bike.
  7. Yeah I haven't spoken to him in over a year and when I did it was him wanting to sell me some late model Wal-gooses he found at a scrap yard. I'm all for helping out friends but I think he wants work done for free so he can ask more $$$.
  8. A former co-worker of mine called me and said he was driving through his town and came across this sitting on the curb in a pile of garbage. Funny thing is he isn't much into BMX or freestyle and only knows the value of vintage BMX because I used to have a Thruster Tri-power F&F sitting in my office. Now he wants me to pick it up from him clean it up and maybe find replacement parts for it to replace the ones that look warn out. I told him he should clean it and leave it as is. I don't know much about the Performers but I think it's a 1985. I have a feeling he's flipping it but I don't have the disposable cash right now. Nice find though, it's the sort of thing people dream of finding in a pile of garbage
  9. Thanks Lee. I'm thinking a red anodized Takagi to go with the Takagi spider.
  10. getting back in the game

  11. I also have the licensed decals but I think I'll stick with the originals. They're beat up but still look pretty good.