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  1. this is my only haro I have ... its an 87 sport I think?
  2. GT's had the basic colors for the race frames, chrome, white, black, yellow, and blue. and as for sand blasting, I don't think they needed to do it cause the frames were raw after assembly they might have been dipped then cleaned before powdercoating.
  3. I was going to say old DB's but thier aren't narled..... maybe schwinn?
  4. Its always worth it to restore an old bike... Cheap resto. or not it will be cool to just see it rolling again.
  5. I did move out years ago. he dropped it like ten years ago.
  6. no tire.. I told him not to move my box of parts cause the rims were on top of it.
  7. oh yeah the flat spot is from my dad dropping the rim in the garage ...
  8. Well I don't want to buy a new hoop, I don't think I will find one anyway. My rims are Mongoose pro-class III's so it might be hard to find jus one hoop. I need new bands and no one wants to sell thiers!
  9. Can a flat spot be taken out of a rim?
  10. Congrats on the score and on the baby girl!!! :51:
  11. I think I figured it out...... its a 87, built in sept. and is #2850... but whats the H for ?
  12. I have had this haro frame in my garage for awhile and decided I want to restore it but don't know what year or what modle it is ... I think its a sport ??? but here is the serial number if anyone can help me? H87092850 (it is stamped on the down tube)
  13. I have a mach I that is from right before they closed the factory in santa ana. so when did GT sell to Pacific? thats I think is the last year ofthe Mach I's I think.
  14. I was thinking the MI means its a Mach I?