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  1. No the Supercross bearings are bigger :-I
  2. Sorry for not responding Patrick They are 25mm, I have found the bearings, now I believe I need to find Redline Techmatic BB cups to suit the outer diameter. I guess I need a new search. The outer diameter of the bearings is 47mm
  3. do you know how to get in contact with Shane?
  4. Hey guys, very new to mid school...I have a pair of strong arm cranks, where the fuck do I find the right set of bearings?? Cant find them in Australia and Bill can't help me. I need help building my first mid..sh school bike. thanks for any help.
  5. hey guys, sad day but it's priced to clear! http://www.ebay.com/itm/1978-G-boy-Stout-vintage-old-school-BMX-one-of-two-Stouts-known-/252849893724?hash=item3adf07315c:g:1kkAAOSwU8hY6Fe2
  6. A big hairy sexy BMX beast he was. all my love to him and his Family. RIP
  7. yup they just went up on ebay. I think the forks look right, the guy on the drill press was probably having a bad trip that day??
  8. Hey Mate! :-) Yes I am, I've been on the sidelines for a while now and getting out. I'll keep the millman Gboy frame #20 and that's it. I still ride my newer bikes though (2000 S&M Race Version & 2007 FBM Bitchin Comaro) and intend to keep that up... Keeps me fit or injured.. C.
  9. Thanks Steve! shame to be selling it..
  10. Hi I'm putting this up here first, selling all my stuff and this would be best appreciated by the people on this site. 1978 G boy "stout" one of two known to exist and this is a perfect survivor the only thing not original is the tires. $2200.00 USD plus postage from Australia. feel free to ask any questions, more pictures supplied on request. cheers Christian. as it was found