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  1. My first check in for about 4 years. First thread I see is this and some very familiar names still here. What an amazing build Brian, congrats, that is outstanding. So good to see a fresh build, I think I might have another one still in me some day.
  2. This is still the coolest thread on this whole site....just wandered back through all those awesome pictures!
  3. Looks totally OG and hardly ridden..hope you change the latter ;) congrats on a great find!
  4. Oakley 3...only Oakley grip I dislike Ame Fini...the only grip I'm obsessed with on all my bikes...love the gimmickry and actually like the functionality at the same time..yeah I'm a bit messed up ha ha
  5. Sweeet geezus...I wondered what you have been up to squirrelling parts away like that...can't wait to see another of your stella builds!
  6. Sunshine hubs. Love them..the rest of the bike is very cool too.
  7. I think a floval is going to be my last build...and your's is certainly inspiration! Beautiful!
  8. Mate of mine bought this brand new..pulled it out of storage about 3 years back..he ordered that from the factory in that colour..he coped a bit of shit for the colour combo too...
  9. Didn't have this one for long...regret selling it for sure...
  10. Awesome to see after all these years survivors are still being uncovered..by far my favourite part of old school BMX now. Congrats.
  11. That is awesome, simple and clean. Just screaming ride me. Just can't beat chrome GT frame set with blue wheels.