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  1. SE has never had any codes in their serial numbers. You can't date them that way. Trust me, I know.
  2. Just Say No. If it was a piece of crap in '86, it's still a piece of crap.
  3. That bike is super dope! It's set up beautifully as a rider. I hate seeing "builds" that have the sagging chain and too long cables. Looks perfect!
  4. I'll be there at SE/Fuji/Kestrel/Breezer booths. See you there and I'll be thirsty afterward. I'll buy the first round.
  5. Well, I figured I might as well start this thread. I had a great time. Endo's Quad freestyle was the looker of the day. The 78 Powerlite cruiser was the highlight for me as I have never seen one in real life before. There were a couple of Thrusters that were my personal favorites as well as a Rebel that was awesome to see. Riding wise it was a good day. No injuries this year, got some shredding in. We loosely organized the Philly downhill race on the Rocky stairs at the art museum and it was fun. Good wall ride, flat and cruising sessions. Everybody was cool and fun to be with. Thanks to all who showed up and made it a great day. I can't wait to see the pictures.
  6. lacy- My sons are 9 and 5 so that isn't really fair. Bragging about your son's riding has nothing to do with you. Trust me, I can keep up with your sons. I saw the videos on your myspace.
  7. That's a fun bike. Not a fan of the adjustable stem but that is easy to change out.
  8. At the End of the Skyway tour in 88, Kevin and I grabbed all the graphite tuffs from the trailer. Trust me, this is the last one left. I think I sent a front to Ron Wilkerson about 10 years ago for a project bike he was working on. Kevin, Eddie Roman, Craig Campbell, Mark Eaton and I all rode the graphites at one point in 88/89. They were stiffer for flatland for sure but they all broke. Once Kevin left Skyway, 48's went right on his bike and he could really lean it over on one wheel for the first time and run 90 psi. He was stoked. I rode Drob's wheel for a while on a couple of bikes. That's the last unbroken one I know of unless Eddie has some stashed away.
  9. It was tough to pick a bike. Didn't want to ride the Trick Star again. I got the Master running but I don't want to ride Tuffs and get mad when the tire blows off the wheel. My Fuji BMX bike is having a seat post sizing issue. The Big Daddy is too heavy and I don't feel like messing with the gyro. My SE Assassin is only about 5 years old. Then I saw it. The bike jumped out and said "Ride me!" so the choice has been made. Ray is the only other guy with this bike.
  10. Me- Large bob- medium Blum- Medium Henry- YL I'll throw you some $$$.
  11. Dude, I don't know who you are. Woody knows you so I'll give you the benefit of the doubt. I grew up in PA and never heard of you back in the day. Maybe that is why you weren't in Joe Kid. There were/are local hot shots everywhere. I guess you were one of them. That's great and I respect that. In the mean time, you need to chill. Many of us on here have our turns in the limelight. We don't go on about it to the lengths you do and it is getting really old. I totally accept your challenge to ride vert, dirt, ramps, street, flat or race. Anytime we're in the same location. I'm not bragging I just want you to know that there are other old guys who rode. Some of us never stopped.
  12. you dont know brett too well, its not about the collectabilty for him. brett, if he needs anything to finish up the bike, let me know and i may have something..... he doesnt have the elusive coaster graphite there, does he? Actually, a couple of years ago, Drob called and said he was builiding up his Brass plated T/A. He wanted to know if I had any Graphites left. I told him the only one I had was a coaster brake (made especially for the team in 88). Since Drob is a coaster guy, I told him he could have it. He asked how much and I told him it is priceless but he deserves to have it more than me. I gave it to him for free. On Drob's behalf, about 6 months later a set of blue Tuffs showed up at my house. They looked brand new. Drob told me he got them and they were all faded so he cleaned them and dyed them back to the original blue. He knew I always wanted blue tuffs but never had them. I have a love for all the old bikes and parts. I like to see them appreciated for what they are, not as a status symbol or investment. I always tell people I can get another $100 bucks but I'll never get a graphite coaster tuff wheel. If I do sell stuff, it's at way less than the going rate. Call me a reverse bike snob I guess. I would rather give away parts to a friend than sell them to a stranger.
  13. He did ride it with me back then. the bars, frame and fork are all primed and ready for paint. Shawn has always been a great guy and he's like a brother to me. I gave that stuff to him because I didn't want it anymore. Graphite tuffs were free to me in '88 (best friend on Skyway) and I didn't want it then and I'm glad he has it still.