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  1. There are two measurements to consider: The diameter of the cup where it presses into the frame needs to be 32.5mm (that .5 can float a little, depending on the cup manufacturer). The second measurement is on the fork where the lower race presses on. That will be either 26.4 or 27.0mm depending on what the fork maker chose to use. **NOTE** old school BMX 1" headsets are different that most other 1" headsets (ie: road bike, MTB etc). The 32.5mm BMX size is not very common. anymore, sp make sure you get the correct thing. As for the bottom bracket, you want an "American" (sometimes also called a "pro") sized for the frame spec. Then you'll need to get one of those that is compatible with whatever style/brand of crank you want to use.
  2. This bike is fairly recent (and entry-level)- it has a more modern head tube gusset and treadless headset. **edit** After a little digging, that looks like a 2016-17 Redline Roam.
  3. the stamping on the webbing rather than the brake track would probably make this mid-1980s+. Skyway made/makes composite wheels for all sorts of things besides bikes (mostly besides bikes). Is that even a bike wheel, or is it some type of cart wheel?
  4. a Bendix will. As for finding some Suntour guts...look for an older 70s-80 junk wheel or bike. A lot of bikes from then had sun tour hubs on them with 28-spoke hubs that not many people want. since all you need are the guts, you should be able to find one of those pretty easily/cheap.
  5. depends on what you are going to do once it's finished - ride it or just "have" it. if you're not going to ride it, I'd just clean/lube the original bearings best as possible. If I was going to ride it, I think I'd get some current bearings, but hang on to the originals.
  6. if I remember... that rectangle stay tubing was used on mid/late 90s Dyno VFRs.
  7. Very nice! Leave it as-is and just clean it up. Maybe cables/tires/grips if they're trashed. It's only original once.
  8. Robinson looks like a "GT-made" Pro (P) from April 1992 (0492xxxx). Dyno looks much later - probably post 2000, at least.
  9. Araya "super 7x" was another option (I think they were OEM in 32 hole on some GT bikes).
  10. Xcaliber clamps used a smaller diameter bolt/nut than most of the lookalikes.
  11. probably the KMC. I'm pretty sure they were done using Izumi as OEM by/before 1993.
  12. they came out late 1983 as a "1984" new product. I'm not sure how long they were around in their original shape til they got re-tooled with a slimmer nose.
  13. Not properly. Campy taper is different (ISO spec) vs JIS spec which these are. if it's not going to be ridden, these will sorta work for show. I wouldn't recommend riding on it, though.
  14. Thruster: rocketcar.htm a mention in the paragraph below the fifth picture down.