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  1. Araya "super 7x" was another option (I think they were OEM in 32 hole on some GT bikes).
  2. Xcaliber clamps used a smaller diameter bolt/nut than most of the lookalikes.
  3. probably the KMC. I'm pretty sure they were done using Izumi as OEM by/before 1993.
  4. they came out late 1983 as a "1984" new product. I'm not sure how long they were around in their original shape til they got re-tooled with a slimmer nose.
  5. Not properly. Campy taper is different (ISO spec) vs JIS spec which these are. if it's not going to be ridden, these will sorta work for show. I wouldn't recommend riding on it, though.
  6. Thruster: rocketcar.htm a mention in the paragraph below the fifth picture down.
  7. Cool you still have that stuff. I remember those custom paint frames... TC, Millwee and Big E had those at the shop I worked at in Milwaukee. They stayed with a coworker for part of the week of Rockford Nationals that year (and several after). TC got a new fork for it from us'cuz he bent his - I think i still have the bent one somewhere. Good times!
  8. if i recall, they were a cheaper (maybe just OEM) version... nylon-over-metal construction, perhaps? I think the "SE" mark was just coincidence - not related to the bike co. I remember working on them - and we didn't sell SE completes, so they must have been on other brands, also.
  9. if this link works, they are toward the bottom of the page under the "Limited" heading- https://translate.google.com/translate?hl=en&sl=ja&u=http://www.kashimax.co.jp/&prev=search
  10. the MX and RS have been shown on the kashimax website for quite awhile. I have seen an occasional one of these new productions pop up for sale on eBay - out of Japan.
  11. The "metal housing/grey rubber" pads that came with the original Peregrine mags worked really well with just about any wheel.
  12. That could be. From my shop experience, I know gold stuff did lose popularity as the freestyle era took off. We couldn't sell it at the shop and most of the distributors we worked with had deep closeouts on gold (so it must have been nation wide). One of our local distributors did send some gold stuff out for stripping. I don't know what the reason for gold dying was, be it seems to have happened. On a related note, some of the "freestyle" colored powder coated Tufneck stuff we got was powdered over gold anno.
  13. the Brackens is more "retro" than repop. they have 1 1/8" headtubes (and 26s never existed).