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  1. the stamping on the webbing rather than the brake track would probably make this mid-1980s+. Skyway made/makes composite wheels for all sorts of things besides bikes (mostly besides bikes). Is that even a bike wheel, or is it some type of cart wheel?
  2. a Bendix will. As for finding some Suntour guts...look for an older 70s-80 junk wheel or bike. A lot of bikes from then had sun tour hubs on them with 28-spoke hubs that not many people want. since all you need are the guts, you should be able to find one of those pretty easily/cheap.
  3. depends on what you are going to do once it's finished - ride it or just "have" it. if you're not going to ride it, I'd just clean/lube the original bearings best as possible. If I was going to ride it, I think I'd get some current bearings, but hang on to the originals.
  4. if I remember... that rectangle stay tubing was used on mid/late 90s Dyno VFRs.
  5. Very nice! Leave it as-is and just clean it up. Maybe cables/tires/grips if they're trashed. It's only original once.
  6. Robinson looks like a "GT-made" Pro (P) from April 1992 (0492xxxx). Dyno looks much later - probably post 2000, at least.
  7. Araya "super 7x" was another option (I think they were OEM in 32 hole on some GT bikes).
  8. Xcaliber clamps used a smaller diameter bolt/nut than most of the lookalikes.
  9. probably the KMC. I'm pretty sure they were done using Izumi as OEM by/before 1993.
  10. they came out late 1983 as a "1984" new product. I'm not sure how long they were around in their original shape til they got re-tooled with a slimmer nose.
  11. Not properly. Campy taper is different (ISO spec) vs JIS spec which these are. if it's not going to be ridden, these will sorta work for show. I wouldn't recommend riding on it, though.
  12. Thruster: rocketcar.htm a mention in the paragraph below the fifth picture down.
  13. Cool you still have that stuff. I remember those custom paint frames... TC, Millwee and Big E had those at the shop I worked at in Milwaukee. They stayed with a coworker for part of the week of Rockford Nationals that year (and several after). TC got a new fork for it from us'cuz he bent his - I think i still have the bent one somewhere. Good times!
  14. if i recall, they were a cheaper (maybe just OEM) version... nylon-over-metal construction, perhaps? I think the "SE" mark was just coincidence - not related to the bike co. I remember working on them - and we didn't sell SE completes, so they must have been on other brands, also.