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  1. Uh, really? I don't remember any mid-school oriented member at this site ever saying or mentioning you dinosaurs whine about repops.? I don't even get where that is coming from homie? If anything we were as vocal as anyone about it. You do know which site you posted this on right? Amen Brother, I have always thought this was the purist site and have never said the older guys were whining about repops being made. I've always thought it was bullshit.
  2. From the way it sounds, they will be repopping the old stuff and making stuff for the new market. I just hope the repops are distinguishable and as far as the new school stuff,meh.
  3. Makes me glad I dumped all of my extra stuff about a month ago. It's too bad that this is happening, I really love the VG stuff but this could get ugly very quickly if the new parts are not distinguishable from the originals.
  4. Brand X frame Ti Herrington I know they exist but I have never seen either of them in person.
  5. I was actually going to do it this year but had some stuff come up and I won't be able to make it. Good luck!
  6. The jersey is cool but the leathers are terrible. They look like Farrah Fawcett should have worn them in 1976.
  7. I've been to Earls shop quite a few times and I can honestly say you haven't seen even 1/2 of what was in his shop.
  8. As of right now I have a shafted redneck, 3 sets of VG seat guts, and 2 sets of Profile crank bearings. I thought I was the only one with a messy desk.
  9. Of all of the bikes in the mid classes that didn't get enough votes, your One is hands down the bike that didn't get enough love Jake. The Reynolds was also a fantastic bike.
  10. There were a lot of amazing bikes in every class this year and hopefully it continues for years to come. Congratulations to everyone who entered, not just the class winners! There was more than 1 excellent standout in every class and it's a huge honor to me to be involved every year. Thank you to everyone who voted for my bike, and if you didn't, I completely understand because the Mid School classes were stacked this year. Excellent job Gentlemen!
  11. Have a safe and Happy Holiday week gentlemen!
  12. Very nice. It's amazing how much the paint schemes changed from #12 to #25.
  13. 1995 D. Wholf frame. There were only 25 frames made and this is #12. The wolf stickers are the only stickers on the frame, all of the black and green was painted by hand. This company had a bike on the cover of February 1995 BMX Plus, and was never heard from after that. They were made with a 1" headtube and no canti mounts so you could use your existing bike as a donor without buying any new parts.
  14. choad666

    SE Quad 1996

    Heres another pic of some pulstars. That quad looks killer.