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  1. I am walking out the door, gone fishing. That is the best score I have seen in years, later.
  2. REAL cranks w/clean disc - $3500-4000 People don't want to pay over $2000 because of paypal ins. on fake crap. (Ins. is only up to 2G) stem - $275 needing a re-chrome, seatpost clamp $100, F/F - $175, old Bullseyes $150, 2n1 - $50, bars- I want them brake set ? set/post? rims&tires??? I have not seen a "real" set of arrowspeeds for some time, who knows what they would get lit up for, but the last real set went for $4025. I was blown out of the water, and that was 6 months ago!!! Those cranks & disc will clean up "sick"!!!!!!!!!
  3. I would say "Don't sell it" but since you are, put it on ebay! Complete or part it out and DO NOT CLOSE ANY AUCTIONS!!! I would not take less than 5 grand for that bike if I was you! Don't take any lowball offers!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. http://i88.photobucket.com/albums/k192/ste...lt/100_3570.jpg
  5. S#!T!!!!!!!!!, now sell it! Don't give ANY specs, or there will be 1000 of them pop up on ebay! Very nice score! :32:
  6. :32: Thanks for the pictures & the German big tube is sweeeet!
  7. Thanks for the pictures!!!!!!! It looked like a killer event!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. The bike sold for $200 to a guy down the road. Was the sellers name Jason? The new owner may sell it. LMK, and I can hook ya up.
  9. What's the cranks, frame, stem, fork, pedals and bars worth???? :whistle: http://cgi.ebay.com/PROFILE-CRUISER-CHROME...1QQcmdZViewItem Nice score Rodney!
  10. I hope everything works out all right, and he is well soon. Steve
  11. http://www.profileracing.com/products_home.php?productid=38 They take paypal, and ship fast.