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  1. How would I tell which headset I have? Do I need to replace the whole headset or can I just replace the bearings? here are the bearings I am talking about. The bearings themselves measure 3/16. Ginnys has some but I don't know which ones I need. This one came from where the forks and the frame come together. Thanks Mike
  2. the balls from the bearings started falling out of my bike from where my handle bars and frame came together. I was wondering what size bearings i needed and were can i get them. I have an 87 mongoose decade. Thanks Mike
  3. Hey, I watch Rad at least 3 times a week while doing homework. Always makes me want to finish so I can ride.
  4. Hey everyone my name is Mike and I have been lurking around for about a year. Mostly asking a question here and there and reading. I have a 1987 mongoose decade (original owner) I will have had it for 20 years this christmas. I am from Rancho Cucamonga, Cali.
  5. It is a my 87 mongoose decade. probably just a rider. I want it restored to what it looked like when I got it 20 years ago.
  6. I felle really dumb asking this but i honestly have no idea what to do. I am trying to order some rims for my bike and i don't know if i need 16's or 20's? I measured my rims and they mearure 16 inches but my tires say 20x1.75. What size rim do I need? Any one know who makes some white 6 spoke wheels? Thanks Mike
  7. Thanks for the pic. I am positive it is a hot streak now. Anyone know of someone selling one? thanks mike
  8. Back in the december of 87 my brother and I got new bikes I got a 87 mongoose decade which I still have but he got a mike dominguez series diamondback and it got stolen about 2 weeks after shristmas. and i am trying to find him one. The only problem is I don't know if it is a coolstreak or hot streak or whatever else was in the mike dominguez series. All I know that it had built in pegs on the front a dominator seat and it was neon orange. That is all I remember of the bike. Does any one know where i can find one? I plan on restoring it for christmas this year. Thanks Mike
  9. After riding my bike all last weekend with my cousin I realized that I really need to fix my brakes, it is really tough to stop with no brakes. I only have the neck and lower cables for the rear and I was wondering if anyone know how the brake cables hook up on a spin tech neck for both the front and rear? Can I use any set of cables or is there a specific set of upper brake cables I need? I am also going to need to buy a set of brake levers. thanks mike
  10. Thanks a whole lot OLDSKOOLPK. FeelixX26 you are right out of all the boards I have been too this has got to be the friendliest group I have come across. mike
  11. my cousin just e mailed me these pics when he took off the forks. where can i get a replacement for it? mike
  12. here are some pics of my bike. can someone please help me figure out if it is a 87 or 88
  13. yeah i have the spin tech detangler. they where 3 small chunks about the size of a #2 pencil eraser. do you want pics of the bike or the chunks? will get them when i charge my camera.