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  1. 1981 GJS A Frame and forks OG chrome Tange MX2 headset MCS stem GT XT bars Oury grips Shimano DX lever DC lever sleeve DC cable DC MX1000 caliper Kool Stop pads Shimano cable clamp Skyway Tuff Wheel & Kool Kaps Cheng Shin c183s (2.125/1.75) Takagi Crmo cranks 175mm Takagi MX spider Takagi 44t chainring Tioga SB BB KKT K-MX rattraps Izumi chrome chain GT sestpost Kashimax saddle Tange seatclamp
  2. Awesome job! You "get" conservation - as much as necessary, as little as possible. Kurt
  3. yep, December 1980 Large Pro. Same as the 79s. Senior Pro didn't commence till April 81. Kurt
  4. hahahaha I had to come up with something for April fools. Were you gonna come over to ride my new Hutch. I'll let you ride it if I can ride on the handlebars, Oh wait! I don't think the Taiwan head tube will be able to take the extra weight. Damn! oh well. Will Addicks bolts fit the new Aerospeeds? Fully sic bro!
  5. Genius! Ducks while admitting he does have one retro - it's just no damn fun to ride though, no matter how smooth, firm and light. New school geometry sucks hairy dog balls (and not in a good way) - maybe it will make sense when I learn to backflip? Kurt
  6. That Stroker is the best looking 50lb BMX I have ever seen Glenno!
  7. So this would be a first gen Basher - made around 80/81 and a Bastian creation? The same geometry as the PK? Awesome find - and mind boggling lineup Ash!
  8. I never owned a set of Flight cranks till I was nearly 40. Unimaginable exotica BITD. I love one piece's - especially the Takagi MX. Here are a few of my riders: First pic is my old '82 DB Senior Pro as she looked in 1985. The only pic I have of her from back then. Second is the same bike now. 170mm Takagis with Three Arrows chainwheel. Third pic is my 1981 Race Inc RM2 rider. 175mm Takagis with gold Takagi spider and black chainring. Fourth pic is my 1983 GT Pro rider - 180mm Takagis and Sugino chainwheel.
  9. Cheers - thanks guys. Great to see folks enjoy it. Kurt
  10. Nice bikes guys! So who out there has an RM1!?
  11. Great info as always Brian! I have a couple of RM2s. Just a question though - have you ever seen an RM1 frame, without the chainstay brace? Race Inc seemed to use the same stock braceless RM photo for ads of both the RM1 and RM2, but I havent been able to find a surviving RM without the brace anywhere? Kurt All the RM1's have no chainstay brace. Its what makes them an RM1. The RM2's had it. Stevenbven has a NOS blue RM1 on Ebay for sale. Thanks Brian. I have admired that frame! One of the later shots on the listing shows that it does have a brace though. Pic below. I would love to see an RM1, but the only place I have is in those famous RI ads. Kurt http://i58.photobucket.com/albums/g280/tazturtle/KGrHqRHJEMFDRRPdb1kBQ3I075egg60_1_zpsd00de2ef.jpg[/img