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  1. Thank you very, very much pj for the bigger pic. I greatly appreciate it. (And thanks again for the Profile bars, they actually polished out really nice.) Also, thanks Brian for the offer to scan the ad and post it up. I appreciate the help. Brian
  2. Thanks for the help guys, I greatly appreciate it. Much thanks. A couple things though. pj: You don't have that pic/scan in a bigger size do you? On my computer it's only about 2 & 1/2 x 3 & 1/4 or so. I was hoping to get a bigger/full size scan. If you don't, that's cool. Thank you very much for posting the one you did. I appreciate it. Brian: If pj doesn't have a bigger pic/scan, could you still scan your ad and post it up for me? Maybe that one would be bigger/full size like I need. Thanks again. I appreciate your help. On that yellow Quadangle of Bubba Hayes. Was that a factory color or a custom one-off for Bubba? I don't remember yellow being a "standard" color for SE back then. Brian
  3. Hey there guys. I was wondering if someone might be able to help me out with this. There was an advertisment from SE Racing in the early/mid 80's that had a picture of the SE factory team on a couple bikes and the words "The A-Team" at the top of the ad. The "font" of the words was just like the TV show The A-Team (I ain't flyin in no plane Hannibal!!!) LOL. There was a ball burnished P.K. Ripper, I "think" a white Quadangle, and maybe? a Floval or OM (my memory is going as I get older). Does anyone have a scan of that ad OR could they scan it for me and post it up? Or at least the month and year of a magazine that has that ad and I can try tracking down the magazine. Any help would be greatly, greatly appreciated. Thanks much. Brian
  4. Hey there Sean. Here you go. I scanned all 8 pages. I got this in late 94 or early 95. The effective date on the price list is 9/9/94. Their just Xerox copies on regular paper stapled together. The Shocker II is the very last page. Real quick. On the first page they mention Team Products "Crusher" brakes for SE's "Pit Stop" brake mount. I've never seen these "Crusher" brakes. I thought SE just used the Odyssey "Pitbull" brakes. Do you have a pic of them or were they even made? Just curious. Brian
  5. Hey there Sean. Yes, I can scan that page for you. I'll try and scan all the pages and post them up. I have to dig it out of my storage box, but I'll have it up by tonight. Wow, I didn't know that so few were made. You definately got a piece of history. Brian
  6. Sweet looking bikes. Don't see them very often. I've got 1994 or 1995 SE catalog(bascially a bunch of Xeroxed sheets stapled together) that has a page/pic of a complete Shocker and some specs. Was there any more of these made after 94/95? Brian
  7. Thanks for the reply and info on the Oxy bath. That "Rustaid" stuff, what department or section in Home Depot did you find it? Brian
  8. That candy red 2009 is sweet!!! That's a sharp looking bike. Brian
  9. Hey there boxline69, sweet score and nice clean up job on the frame. I have a couple questions on the frames Oxy bath. 1.Did you submerse the whole frame in the Oxy solution or just do a section at a time? 2. If you submerged it totally, did you mask off the decals with masking tape(or some kind of tape) OR did you leave the decals unprotected? I was curious if the Oxy solution messed up/discolored the decals at all. 3. How long did it take for the solution to get the rust off? As far as the OG decals, I would leave them on as is. I got a 1981 Mongoose Motomag from my friends neighbor that is all original except for the pedals and one tire. The decals are trashed and beat to hell and it's missing the white Motomag downtube decal. But, I want to keep it as a survivor and as original as I can. I did get a new Motomag decal for the downtube though, to make it look correct. It sounds crazy and goofy, but I was even thinking about trying to make that new decal look "used" and beat up like the others. I was gonna nick it up, scratch it, and try to make it "blend" with the rough looking originals. Good luck with the build. Way to bring it back to life. Brian
  10. PK Ripper XLP 21.25" top tube That candy red PK RIPPER XLP is awesome looking! Sweet looking scoot. Reminds me of the anodized PK RIPPER frames SE was doing in the early/mid 90's. And the color matched forks are a HUGE plus and make the bike look even better. Brian
  11. Sweet looking scoot!!! Nice job on it. I like the gumwall tires and the 1 piece cranks. Makes it look oldschool. Brian
  12. Sweet looking Robinson. I've never seen a Robinson in that color or with those decals. Definately different. Nice looking bike. Brian
  13. I don't know if anyone else remembers seeing this, but didn't Dirt Brothers buy and sell some left over Skyway T/A frames in the early 90's, maybe late 80's ? I think they repainted them and put different stickers on them. I remember reading about this or seeing it in a magazine. I'm pretty sure it was Dirt Brothers, although I could have them confused with another company. Anyone else have info about this? Brian
  14. Sweet looking Torkers. Very nice. Is that one a 26" cruiser? It looks like a cruiser but I'm not sure. Brian
  15. I think it's safe to say he likes Patterson's, Robinson's, and Hutch's ALOT! LOL! Hey Tom, is your friend here in Michigan? Very nice collection. Brian