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  1. The prototypes that are floating around are of 06' era.
  2. Denzel is the "Golden Boy", Bubba was to be the "Master". I predict Bubba riding out of his own camp with his own outside industry funded program. It is going to be the future of the pro rider as the industry cannot afford to support the sport. Sanctioning bodies and promoters are going to have to start paying back more money and farther back to keep the pro level alive within BMX. A & B mains that pay back the top 16 is the real answer.
  3. Made me feel a little eeewwwww when I saw it. Personally I like the mag. Nothing is as it was, so like Nemo I take what I can get.
  4. Nice JAD pit, surprised Shades got off it a while back.
  5. Seen your son at Rockford a couple weeks ago and he was looking good. Congrats at the cup qualifier, I heard the track there is decent.
  6. You all know I am digging that! 10 years ago nobody would have even replied except Pat & I.
  7. If it can go the USPS would be the least expensive. Here is a link if it helps. What state is it going from? http://ircalc.usps.gov/
  8. Easy for all of us to say now Brett, but speak up next time! Fuck Dude!
  9. Just a frame or complete bike? USPS might not work here because of size restriction.
  10. Veerrryyy nice Rob! Weight wise that is right in line.
  11. I have a whole 81 Motomag Goose that has a good rear Motomag II, severely damaged front however I could fix it with a donor that is broken as well, correct seat post clamp and from what else I can remember that may be the only correct items. It is an original black bike with Tange forks that I would re-powder in black as well. Do we know approximate year (are we going for vintage correctness?) it is Jesse James afterall. It is 3 hours from me, but I will try to get ahold of it on my way home from Illinois this week and survey the parts and we can gro from there if interested. Otherwise whatever parts from it work.