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  1. I was watching this video on youtube and at first I thought this was the guys collection...after like the 10th one I recognized some rides ....and then I saw my RL20II. The dude went around forums and copied pics to put in his vid...
  2. Brought the thread back....Thought Stephen would want to have a look-see... How long is the new owner going to keep it?
  3. Stephen---you suggested Suntour XC-II pedals...which is what I picked up. I am in the process of of buying an overpriced "chromed" redline sprocket and all Chrome chain...Yes, I like Chrome...Remember the bike? I wont tell what you offered me for it either!!
  4. Nice, gotta love the color!!!! I hear a lot about the 86 rl20II--its nice to see the others out ther who have the '88 like myself. Oh yeah, thanks for your advice about a year ago...we traded emails...and I appreciate the adivce you gave me about which pedals to pick up...
  5. I like the first pic in front of the oven...Luv the black frame in front of those dish towels!!!!
  6. This is great info... Luv the black chrome Redline....This was BOTY right...glad to see an RL take the prize... I think that I like the black tires, but I wasnt sure that back in 1988 that the all black tire was around (as opposed to the black tire with the brown gumwall) Also, how do I identify "what year" the tires came from...I wouldnt want to pickup panaracers on name only withouot knowing their year...is this something that I should worry about... Thanks again for everybody's input...
  7. Guys, Please help me find an era correct pair of tires for my '88 redline below....It looks rediculous with these tires....any suggesions? Also, if there are any ideas about what I should look for (quality wise) when purchasing tires 15-20 years old would be great...thanks fellas.....
  8. Sorry for bringing this thread back to life, but this bike competes with any (except for any RL20II, LOL!!) and I just wanted to give props where props are due just one more time...
  9. What are everyone's thoughts about Stephen's auction on ebay 190063115889 ?
  10. Gush.... I am a chrome guy, and I have to say the Black/Chrome Color Scheme is my favorite yet.
  11. Great Job.....I sit an wait for for RL20II topics....LOV the damn RL20 II I had the same white 87 back in the day...Guy I bought it off of stole it back from me a month later and then moved. I spoke to Stephen Before....(RL20IIGUY) Did he mention that he had similiar tires? I have goofy new tires on my ride now..
  12. Nice work, I love the color. What kind of rims? I am a die hard redline guy, but the T/S are my next favorite...SWEET
  13. Well HutchHeaven was right. No bids for the '88 Chrome Redline @ $900.