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  1. Steve - SR Stem and Race INC style bars were correct. Did you get Jody's California Pro?
  2. Campy Tipo Cheapo hubs were awesome! Tires are exactly what Bottema ran BITD. 7C's always looked like they came off a YZ and were the best looking hoops. Cool bike.
  3. Fly down. I went from PDX to the show last Friday and it was a blast.
  4. Mike was recently still in Nor Cal sellign real estate. Never made it to Oregon except to perhaps visit friends.
  5. I agree. I always dug the 7C/7B combo. You have a great eye Aaron. Coy was in so many early shots. Nice to have him surface.
  6. The best frame builder giving props to another frame builder. Jim is all class.
  7. I worked and raced for "The Bike Gallery" in Portland. We would order from SER. You'd shoot the crud with them on the phone. One day Scot suggests I come down for a LA Coliseum race. Mike Harry and I fly down (on our own dime) and stay with Scot. We became one of the in-between riders. We got jerseys, a ton of decals and product cheap. I bought one of the first 10 JU6 frames (loved) and a swear an STR1 (felt like a short bent bike). I had to buy both. Conversely, The Bike Gallery sold a ton of DG and they wanted me riding DG's. The Bike Gallery paid for my bikes, my entry fees, drove me to races all around the NW, food... It was likely as good or better than most factory rides. When I called Scot and said I was going back to riding a DG, he was pissed. He to this day sayes he took me out on purpose in the first PRO Cruiser national at Monroe Washington (he was on an OM, Me on a DG Vulcan). He blew my front wheel up with his pedal entering the first turn. But it is a bit fun that 30+ years later I'm still friends with PK, Jeff, Stu and Scot from that experience. I wasn't hot shop, I wasn't factory, I was something discounted in between....
  8. Great frame, wish I had it, but timing and expectation appear to be off given the state of the economy. Even in the heyday, $10k would be high. I also find that the early hype (which should create interest by regular marketing mindsets) tends to sour people.
  9. I love digging through shops like that.... Looks like a blast. DaveC taught me to also look for road stuff and not just the obvious.
  10. I think Ken Pliska has "Steve Skibel Replica" decals... KIW built a very nice bike like this.