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  1. the mel thread is the best thing i've read on here... http://www.os-bmx.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=24729
  2. sorry it took so long to get my pics up. here's a link... http://s172.photobucket.com/albums/w23/ski...qma01Medium.jpg
  3. todd and i got there early enough to meet dizz before the show. he is a very cool, very humble, regular guy. he spent a little time talking about his kids, but was mostly BSing about the good old days with large ray, george gallo, warren marchese, gary pollack, and a few others (cw rider ? parks). i butted in a few times. once to get an autograph i haven't been to a ton of events since i got back in, but this was very different than anything else i have attended, and i can't imagine there will be another like it. the setting, the crowd. it was definitely different. i'm no artist, so i guess my opinion doesn't really carry any weight, but i enjoyed ryan's exhibit. the "Eddie VanHalen's guitar and a splatter paint job" mentioned above, was actually a carpet. dizz killed the wedge, and there were a lot of really good riders (although the youngins didn't really know what to do with a wedge). the area was a little small for the 2 rollers. the riders struggled a bit getting around in there, but they still managed to show off their skills and entertain. i chatted with dizz again toward the end of the night. again, a very cool guy. it was a kick ass day that i'll not soon forget. i took a lot of pics, but i haven't gone through them yet to see what came out. i'll post them soon...
  4. it's all stock except for the grips. there was a hole in the box, and no grips inside, so BP hooked me up with a pair of tri's
  5. GOOD TIMES!! i'm glad i got to see some old and new faces. Chris, again, that VDC is sick. Brian and Joanne, thanks for hosting once again. you guys are the shiz. here's a realy bad 25 sec clip of the jam session... and a few more pics...
  6. this has some tuf neck characteristics. it's kind of small. maybe a mini?
  7. definitely one of the best posts i've read in a while. thanks bomat
  8. thanks for sharing your pics Bobby! great stuff
  9. sweet set up Woody. that's my favorite place in your house too. weird!
  10. hey steve, you should move this over to freestyle for those who don't stop in here
  11. good call brian. i wouldn't have thought of that. it can't ever be a survivor to you, so you should build it the way you want, but an "ode to the original" build would be cool and satisfying
  12. thanks for sharing your take on the day Brett. good stuff
  13. i don't remember haro master forks coming up when we were brainstorming