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  1. No I'm relaxed, I hang out on many forums so know what its like being a newbie....lol... So lets get a couple of things straight, the bike IS NOT MINE, I'm just trying to help a childhood friend out with it. He didnt pay 2500 but that is what he put in for his maximum bid on eBay. I was just stating that to show that he really wanted this bike. I didnt come on here to be all OH and AH someone spent this kinda money on this bike because he has deep pockets, it was a bike the guy always wanted and now that he had a chance to buy it he just went with it. So the bike wasnt as clean as it looked in the pictures, and he was talking how it had lots of GT parts on it or something. He said that he had almost all the original stuff to go on it. He had the bike stripped, and is having it powdercoated. Yes the stickers came off easily in one piece, I havent seen them in person but he told me on the phone as we talked about where we could get some made at and how he took them off as carefully as he could incase we couldnt locate new ones and had to go that route. I also suggested that he take the frame to a custom car striper and airbrush guy that I know to see about having him paint new lettering on it , it was just an option I was throwing out.
  2. The bike is worth what he paid for it to the guy that owns it, if it wasnt he wouldnt of bought it. He has been looking for this exact bike for many years and decided to buy one finally. And it was obviously worth the 450 or so he paid to someone else otherwise bidding wouldnt of went up. But who cares what its worth? I didnt come here asking what it was worth, I came here looking for stickers. You guys can say what you want about ruining a good bike or what not but the bike is not done, you havent seen it, and you dont know what kind of stuff the guy is capable of doing. So I am taking it that stickers are not being reproduced for this bike so back to one of my original questions. Would this be a good sticker set to reproduce?
  3. Sounds like we've got a new Big Dog in the yard! :22: :22: :22: Wow... $2,500... he must have really wanted it! I wish I had that kind of money to throw around. Guess I'll just have to stick with my cheap, lowly 1st Gen Freestylers w/ Campy Graphites and the other 20+ Haros I have.... Congrats on your 20+ Haro's. I dont care, a bike is only worth what someone is willing to pay, and this one is worth alot to someone thats all I was saying. I came here looking for stickers, I didnt come here to question what everybody else has. Congrats on everybody and there Haro's and the like. I dont have BMX or Freestyle bikes, just came here out of the blue to try and help someone I know out.
  4. No lesson learned from stripping the bike, the bike is not mine just trying to help somebody out by trying to locate some stickers and thought I would give this a shot.. The stickers that were on it were removed, they are still in one piece. Plans were and still are, if new ones can not be found then reproduction ones will be made. And for the guy that says he should of went after this one when it was on eBay, maybe you should have, the guy who bought it only bid $2500.00 and it only sold for $450 or something like that. From what I have read so far from the little bit of feedback I have got, these stickers would be a good one to reproduce?
  5. This bike is currently stripped and is scheduled to go the the powder coater tomorrow. I am looking for some new stickers for it, NOS, Repo, or? Does anybody know of anything?