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  1. I've had this one for a few years. I've got it on my 82 Patterson Long. Mint condition.
  2. buddy of mine shot me this today "Dump the Stunts":lol:
  3. check the price .... LOL he just shot himself in the foot I reckon.
  4. show me mild steel welds that look that good, I don't think so BB ....
  5. Shimano 600's or Dura Ace maybe Mark ? Campy's even ?
  6. Thornton, thanks for that mag article ... just what I was looking for
  7. yeah they're not bad, just the frame stickers and the Santa Ana ones are a fraction too big.
  8. oh yeah I need a full set of F/F decals if anyone has any
  9. Well my CBR build is finally underway After a bit of reading what JT and Claude have said, what I thought was a 1980 Cook Bros, seems to be a '78 or early '79 I picked up this frame awhile back which came with the CBR BB. It's in mint condition, looks like the rear wheel was never moved, no seat clamp marks, no rust anywhere. The week the frame arrived an early matching set of forks came up on eBay and the seller was only 100k up the h/way. Anywayz ... don't think anyone bid on them bar me and picked them up for a great price. Today the NOS Slant stem turns up ... so here's some pics
  10. it was to stop dirt and crud. Why some were and some weren't, no idea.
  11. seats a bit low, I like it how it was originally ..
  12. look for telephone booth, take the elevator down
  13. come over to TheBMXForum.com Kerry and get the real story, all the OG members are now over there.