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  1. OG Red FA. Thats sick. Ive got some well used OG FA pads in black if your in need. Script font but pretty worn. No foam. Hit me up if you want em.
  2. $140. It was complete with some gold Ukais and a Anlun stem. Think everything else was random bs. Cooks fork. Shinburger owns it now.
  3. Great find in that og color. And a Tioga crazy chain to boot.
  4. Yeah Steve maybe he could. Is BB shell what I mean? The gusset behind the BB is what I meant. Not the shell itself. He def knows his shit and has a history in this stuff. The Hutch pedals are the only part Im not 100%. They are cool, og and all but color match a bit too well. I may switch em out if I find a better choice. Maybe some DB pedals.
  5. As far as the tubes used in Scotts bike that werent part of the donors, we only learned of that after the choice was made and welds were in place. If it is possible to fab these up without needing existing frames we didnt know about it. Not sure that a quality dropout or gusset could be fabricated out of thin air too easily. Same goes for the brake bridge and bb shell. All DB specific. Jason the v bars are Truetorch. Cut down an inch on both side to 29.5
  6. Lynch Scott he painted his pink!! Bigfire this is indeed your fork. Thanks again im glad you dig.