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  1. if you find pics please post em, that would be cool
  2. no thanks, im not a big star wars guy. does anyone want a 1997 mongoose villain frame? i want it gone.
  3. Very cool. yeah not too many spots left anymore to ride. its unfortunate, but I noticed a significant drop off in riders in the early 90s. my wifes little brother (9 years old) and his friends dont even ride their bikes much at all- cant even get them interested in the concept of racing or jumping. any chance I could get out of the house I was riding as a kid, even today. well thanks for the info. keep ridin.
  4. well im a little newer school. i am 26. i started riding bmx in 1988. the washington trails did used to be called something else back in the day, i cant remember what though. my boss who is 36 used to ride back there on his scwhinn orange crate in the late 70s early 80. i also remember a place called "the pits" which was literally a big pit. i have never been to the chicken trails. do you still ride? know any good trails around here that are still functional? thanks.
  5. ok folks, i know this is pretty location specific but does anyone out there remember the old Washington Trails in St. Charles IL? the reason i ask is i made a trek down there this past spring and summer and was shocked at how destroyed they were! i swear i almost cried. basically i spent alot of my free weekends trying to rebuild the old jumps and clear the trails of weeds and trees, mucn to my wifes dismay. i built a small table top and tried to rehab the berm. so heres the deal, i am looking for anyone who would be interested in helping me rebuild the trails next spring and summer. i cant do it all on my own but I'll try. i have some great childhood memories of that place and i would hate to see it disapear into obscurity. thanks.
  6. hey all. thanks for all the information. this is a great site. I just wish more kids were out there riding these days like my friends and I did back in the day instead of playing video games. oh well.
  7. thanks for the information. that really sucks. When i got out of the Army a few years ago i got back into BMXing and i couldn't find Sundance Cycle. I saw their old phone number listed on some internet directories but the number was a disconnected line. anyway thanks for bringing me up to speed; now i am sad. are there any decent bike stores around anymore? I go to Mudslingers in Plano IL for all my BMX needs. If anyone knows of any other decent BMX stores in Illinois please let me know. thanks.
  8. I dont know if I am posting this in the right forum cause im relatively new to this site but....what ever happened to the legendary Sundance Cycle in Bloomingdale Illinois? I used to go there for all my bmx parts and service when i was a kid- really good people, especially the owner. I looked everywhere for it, online, in the phone book, I've even asked other people and they say they never heard of it. from what I remember Sundance also had an incredible race team back in the day. any info would be great. thanks