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  1. I like the way is was built and raced back in 81-83, very cool! Other than a cleaning, I would not change a thing.
  2. Very cool and an instant time warp to the 70s, thank you!
  3. Perhaps this has already been answered? Were the steel FMF frames made by the same fabricator as the aluminum units?
  4. Not sure who this guy is but I like what he says and will add that the world needs more people raised in this way.
  5. Based on the meeting point are you doing top of paved Reseda down? (can you say 50MPH+/- easy) OR El Cab MTB/hiking trail aka the local dirt trails down? less speed but still significant risk.
  6. Just so I have it straight the gooseneck is un used stock clamps from the 70s mated to stem bases made now. Both of course by Linn Kastan. Very cool!
  7. As a fan of bicycles and cars, inlcuding old VWs, I am not seeing any issues at all.
  8. I dig the orignal condition and local bike shop sticker, very cool. I sometimes wonder had Schwinn paid attention and marketed that exact bike in 1974 or 5 (they were aware and could have done so, but did not) would Mongoose or other early frame builders had a chance? My recollection is that Schwinns, like the one in the post, were chasing the BMX trends not starting such with the exception of the Sting, which was a solid attempt at a then state of the art race frame.
  9. As a 6'-6" late 70s BMX racer and current 29r MTB rider (sometims racer) a few notes. The last 20" frame that worked well for me was the 1980 Panda Pro Am, in large part due to long wheelbase (I think 40") laid back seat tube and steep head tube angles. Then I discovered race cruisers (26 then 24) and never went back to 20. First was a first gen OM Flyer and then the sweet spot an Hutch XL 24 (responsive like a 20 but a 24), that I raced for a few years. On ether bike plenty of room to strut your stuff so long as proper set up. Or check out any current large or XL mountain bike. I Currently ride a carbon race hard tail XL ( Carbon Flash with a Lefty) and it reminds me of a BMX riding every time I ride, which is often. If you have any tall friends with recent (last 10 years mountain bikes) ask to borrow for day and hit your local trails. Good for your cardio and your mind. Best of luck to you.
  10. Very cool, that bike should clean right up. Dig the Dura Ace cranks among other nice bits. I am thinking those frames were also sold as FMF Jr? but not sure.
  11. I was into Motocross as well as BMX in 76 so I was a fan on both fronts. That red FMF bicycle is looking good and done right!
  12. That is a stem I do not recall ever seeing. Interesting design as well.
  13. I saw those in person at the Beavers shop (not sure if that exact set but maybe as several riders had those other than Stu, Encinas comes to mind) Of note the spindle has off set crank attachment points. The purpose was that you could change the crank length by rotating the crank arms on the spindle. That of course did not make it to production. There was also a BMX specific pedal that was very similar to the AX road bike pedal that was under development at the same time.