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  1. Upon a second look that rear rim/tire placement is not centered on the seat mast and/or the brake bridge? In addition as and as dav451 noted the Aggressor tire at the rear? What the......? OK these are my OCD issues as well. Let me be clear the bike is perfect. If voting is now this IS the Bike Of the Year. Well except Mr. Hays did note the zip ties that need cutting which is back to my problems........
  2. First class! The Monarch crank is a name I had not heard, why that crank vs Schwinn and/or Ashtabula? Oh and If you need some era correct air I may have a source......
  3. Good looking frame and nice story. What is the story on the seat tube repair? not that it really matters. Not sure what specific help you need so I will say start collecting parts to build it up.
  4. Cool bike! My daily is a hardtail 29r Lefty up front with 2x10 gearing so I am not sure what to tell you on what is the right choice for only one gear. Having said that keep riding because you will get stronger and what may seem like a gear that is too hard now will get easier as you get stronger. Not related to gearing, but bike fit, you may want to try a flatter and possibly wider handle bar, depending on your height. I sometimes ride with 29r single speed riders (one speed no suspension XC racers) and when they are fit they are tough to beat. Keep at it!
  5. I seem to recall a JT clothing ad that had one of those frames with FMF stickers on it? Or am I mistaken? In any case cool frame(s).
  6. Welcome! Nice job on the clean up! That looks first class! I too am into Mountain bikes (XC type) however it has two wheels, I am a fan.
  7. I did not know him but a very nice video! Josh had Kevin Jones smoothness in that video. God speed and ride on Josh!
  8. To help with all the missing images.
  9. Very cool! Is this frame the same as a Sting? I see the 5 inch head tube but I have no clue? I am assuming this is the full size frame? And if so how much smaller is the mini? In any case i dig it!
  10. Some very cool rims and tires. I have always enjoyed the impact of the 1970s high end grand tour road race bike parts and their use in the bmx quest for a less weight. As a famous car racer said, "add lightness" Did not know that Comp 4 came in sew ups.
  11. A very nice collection displayed well, what is not to like? All clean and very well detailed. Is that one of the early STR 1 production frames? As in serial number 00180 or less? In any case nice work! Also the Haro bikes look just right!
  12. Paging Mr. Hays, Paging Mr Hays you are needed.....
  13. I wonder if that is the Kevin McCarthy that is now a congressman?
  14. I am fortunate (and thankful to my parents) to have been able to keep almost all my bicycles, frames and/or parts from then till now. Of the bikes I do not have, my first bike, a blue heavily (emphasis on heavy) upgraded, AJ wheels, etc 74 stingray. A first gen all steel yellow mongoose (with custom made added brake bridge) and a first year issue all steel blue SE OM flyer. Having said that, I have the frame and fork (along with most of the parts) that replaced the Mongoose. A Cycle Pro spoiler, purchased new likely mid 77. I had removed the original Cycle Pro Foiler stickers and replaced them with FMF in an attempt to fool people into thinking it was an FMF. It did not work, no one was fooled. When I got serious about racing in 78, I embraced the frame as it was sold and reapplied Cycle Pro stickers. I raced it until the end of 79 when I switched to a first generation SE str-1 likely obtained in Dec 79 but that is another story.