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  1. First image is from Santa Monica mountains overlooking Santa Monica, AKA my local trails. The next two images are from a riding spot on the outskirts of Bozeman Mt.
  2. That Craigslist FMF could almost be the bike that Stu was riding. And yes plastic chain rings on an otherwise heavy bike???? I wonder if Stu was paid to run that bike and its parts?
  3. Did the 24 Kastan ever have the single sided fork aka Pre lefty Lefty?
  4. Very cool! And I agree with what Larsvegas43 stated above.
  5. Always an enjoyable frame with fork is very cool. The parts could almost all be original other than the rims, I wonder if the rim set were anything fancy? And the big-boy cranks are just right.
  6. I just realized that the spider and crank arm appear to forged as one piece, which adds to the strength and of course coolness factor. Most of the high end aluminum cranks (Super Mighty, Dura Ace, Campy, Stronglight, etc) of that era were of the same design.
  7. Wow Brian that is nice! Looks new. Even has the original Idaho Falls Bike shop sticker, (Bills Cycle shop which appears to now exist as Bens Quality Cycle LLC). I have been to Idaho falls a time or three. There is a story about how that bike ended up there when new, that is probably lost to history? Oh and I disagree on the idiot part.
  8. Truly, thank you for the weighing the cranks. Is that weight in ounces or ? I cannot zoom in on the scale. In any event those have a delicate elegance to them combined with the bright finish makes them visually enjoyable. I wonder if they were ever raced at the same level as the aluminum counterparts? I have some aluminum Campy cranks on an all original early Medici Pro Strada that I have getting dusty in storage. I think these steel cranks look a little better.
  9. Dig the local knowledge and stories plus the images!
  10. Those Schwinns are looking good!
  11. Cool Cranks and not surprised that the Minister of Information currently from Washington State had some dope on the cranks! So I have a question or two. What is the weight of the both arms + spindle? AND what would the aluminum equivalent set weigh? As in what which set is lighter? by how much? And are the steel arms stronger? (think Reline flight) Curious minds want to know.