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  1. I remember Larry White from time spent at the Teen Center, a fast racer for sure.
  2. I meant to add that is a very nice Cook Brothers frame, fork, stem and bars along the balance of the remaining parts. Good stuff!
  3. Very cool introducing a young man to the bicycle jump! One note though, check the handle bar stem (gooseneck), it appears (from the images) that it may be mounted higher than recommended height which may be a safety issue. The stem shaft is likely marked with a line showing the minimum insertion height.
  4. As long as we are talking 29 ers. My current ride
  5. A Nice "if I could only have one bike" choice, no suspension other than the tires is hardcore. Oh and the NASA sticker is awesome! I am a long term card carrying member of The Planetary Society.
  6. Is that Charlie Kelly?? or one of the other Mt. Tamalpais crew? Maybe Gary Fisher? Mountain bike roots right there.
  7. Something about "its only original once" . Not sure how to slice that pizza?
  8. Your bike is awesome!........the details........ I will add: As a 26 inch riding fool and I was late to the 29r party. I purchased a 29 race hardtail (Cannondale Flash Carbon) road bike efficient, light and race bike handling.........I suggest you do it!
  9. Interesting article. Then as now I do not fully understand why one would purchase a heavier part when for similar money a light part does the same job. The Suntour unit is a good bang for the buck and the Laguna is as noted above.
  10. Not being able to zoom in on the image of Stu on the STR, is that a frame with the down tubes under the BB or ? Cool news article in any event.
  11. Very cool! The Canoga shop sticker is a nice touch.