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  1. As an owner of a 1980 Pro Am (same as your Pro Am) the e bay one for sale is not that. Perhaps a mini?
  2. If I were building a high end racer in 1979/1980 now (or then) I would have (and did) selected 99% of the same parts which is another way of saying you nailed it. Well done!
  3. Somewhere in my pile of parts are aluminum thru bolt axles (one is broken) for a Bullseye Hubs and if memory serves a magnesium one. So yes such things exist.
  4. Very interesting and not what I was thinking. I had though the Phil unit mounted to the lower seat mast or fame tube as a way to bypass the as installed BB AKA as the Phil unit would be the new BB location. Thanks for sending. Also if that is your drawing good work!
  5. Cool parts for sure. Can you provide further information on the Phil adjustable bottom bracket? And perhaps show one installed? As I have not seen that before.
  6. Oh and that fat bike has me interested. I have a cousin in Minnesota and he has one and raves about it.
  7. Your recap embodies one of the best parts of being alive.
  8. Very well presented information! Early race cruiser and mountain bike history right there. Dig the race shot, I see Mark Pippin (43) and the (199) rider not sure who but he was around my local tracks.
  9. I like the way is was built and raced back in 81-83, very cool! Other than a cleaning, I would not change a thing.
  10. Very cool and an instant time warp to the 70s, thank you!
  11. Perhaps this has already been answered? Were the steel FMF frames made by the same fabricator as the aluminum units?
  12. Not sure who this guy is but I like what he says and will add that the world needs more people raised in this way.
  13. Based on the meeting point are you doing top of paved Reseda down? (can you say 50MPH+/- easy) OR El Cab MTB/hiking trail aka the local dirt trails down? less speed but still significant risk.
  14. Just so I have it straight the gooseneck is un used stock clamps from the 70s mated to stem bases made now. Both of course by Linn Kastan. Very cool!