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  1. That Mongoose cleaned up very nice! Any idea of the condition of the interior frame tubes? as in would it be rusty as well or no way to tell? I ask as I had an early all steel goose that I used for jumping into the pool one summer. That frame turned into a rust bucket several years later.
  2. Floor shift or column shift? In either case please send interior images. The exterior looks as you stated very original which is so cool. I had a C body Plymouth Wagon in that color with a 383 Road Runner drivetrain all stock, back in the mid 80s. It was a riot to drive. I dig all Mopars.
  3. That is an early Redline stem, 77-8 is the right time frame for the stem. I think there was a first gen stem does not cantilever forward. Having said that your stem is early and a real gem. Send an image of the Schwinn it is attached to please. I would like to see it.
  4. Tordondo, Very cool images and stories! Above you mention "Mike Ireland" and "Dads Bike Barn". I recall a Mike Ireland that I would see at the Van Nuys Teen center racing (in 79, 80) wearing a blue Dads Bike Barn jersey. In 79 I was 14-15 expert and Mike was in the 16 expert class (if memory serves). Could that be the same Mike Ireland? Also I think I have a frame with a Dads Bike Barn seat tube sticker on it for what it is worth. Keep the stories and information coming!
  5. I will 2nd that request. Car looks to be a 71 Dart (I think)? 340 car or? Oh and the bicycle is very cool!
  6. Another fine build by a fine builder. Do I see red paint in the Bendix brake arm stamped written text?
  7. I will be interested to see how that cleans up.
  8. That is impressive, ever since the rain damage of a couple years ago I have not been able to climb it without a little hike a bike. Going down with a coaster brake (and of course mono shock) only is skill test for sure.
  9. Bicycles designed to be ridden in the dirt (aka BMX) got my attention in the 1970s and it continues to this day by way of Mountain biking. As for what attracts me to a bicycle (BMX or otherwise) I enjoy the design(s), technology and craftsmanship that go into the production of a human powered machine.
  10. The white Pro-line with blue highlights looks good!
  11. Interesting items. The front is Bullseye like but? The rear has a Phil Wood look? I await the answers
  12. Excellent race report, keep on it! Nice style on the jumps! Regardless of what position you may have placed always remember that you (and your wife) beat everyone who did not show up. Also you can never have too many bicycles!