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  1. I was into Motocross as well as BMX in 76 so I was a fan on both fronts. That red FMF bicycle is looking good and done right!
  2. That is a stem I do not recall ever seeing. Interesting design as well.
  3. I saw those in person at the Beavers shop (not sure if that exact set but maybe as several riders had those other than Stu, Encinas comes to mind) Of note the spindle has off set crank attachment points. The purpose was that you could change the crank length by rotating the crank arms on the spindle. That of course did not make it to production. There was also a BMX specific pedal that was very similar to the AX road bike pedal that was under development at the same time.
  4. I keep coming back to this two wheeled goodness!
  5. After a 25 mile ride this bike and the comments are just right.
  6. Early mountain bike right there, I dig it, very cool! As for location, was that at Big Bear Lake?
  7. Those are good looking bikes which is no surprise considering the owner. Since I know nothing of Navajo, a question: Are the frames any relation to Patteson? The head tube and rear triangle appear Patterson like.
  8. I dig all these shirts. They were in the moment when made. Several stand outs: The 1985 GT World tour freestyle shirt only cause I had the same one and I wore it out. The 1986 BDS show shirt way cool. The early War of the Stars shirts cause War of the Stars. Keep em coming!
  9. That gold Race Inc / Cycle Pro Spoiler along with that purple Redline (and countless others) makes this one of my favorite threads.
  10. Brian, you just made my Friday a little better.
  11. No worries re the comment. What is funny is that on other thread I made comments about that 2nd STR so I did at one time know something about that 2nd STR. The 2nd STR thread is a neat story and a frame that appears to be the real deal. Note to self: Working too much.
  12. Re the under the bottem bracket STR-1: I was not aware of the 2nd one found. What is the story with that? Because from a quick glance it looks quite a bit different from the known prototype STR 1. I have one of the early (serial number less than 00150) prodution STR-1 downtubes not under the bottem bracket. I got mine in either late 79 ( November 79) or no later than Feb 1980. I purchased it as an STR-1 from Beavers AKA McConnell Racing Pro Service) a shop that was especially tight at that time with SE including Scot, Stu, PK and Rod not to mention others. So far my prior research has narrowed it to a that window+/-. I may be able to narrow it further with added looking at my 40+/- year old records. My only point is that before Stu went to Redline, the multi angle frames as shown were actively marketed (see some of the attached data and Wes BMX and other catalogus) as STR-1. This of course includes the frame(s) that Stu rode (Proof of concept/prototype) but also the first batch (#00001 to 00150+/-) of frames released to the public. Stay tuned. I will add that I am not trying to be combative with Steve Brothers, only to add my view of such history. For the record I am a fan of what Steve does and writes about.
  13. That bike is first class! But I have to ask, why do your electrical wall outlets have the ground at the top? I have heard that in some regions of the country it is a local code requirement.