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  1. That bike is first class! But I have to ask, why do your electrical wall outlets have the ground at the top? I have heard that in some regions of the country it is a local code requirement.
  2. Lucky, remember this: All things are only original once. If this bike and the parts have some form of orignal finishes I would say to leave em as is, save a good clean up. If on the other hand the finishes are toast, re finisih and restore as needed. I await the results.
  3. I had both images on my bedroom wall and I think I still have them somewhere. Stu on the STR classic image of course. I especially liked the racing shot. Stu for a brief minute with a Beavers (my LBS) co sponsor patch which happened late in 79 right before Redline. I thnk Sewell on the Jag and of course Nachman on the goose bringing it on hard.
  4. Brian, That is a good looking bike. In the mid 80s I had a friend who had a chrome version of that frame. At the time I was racing 24s and that JMC 20 fit me just right which I did not expect. Yours is a very clean example, no surprise.
  5. My quick review and notes as follows: Yamaha Moto bike forks (I think) with upper crown mods and very cool fork leg FMF stickers. XR75 front fender, with very cool mini truck sticker. Rear shocks from a mid 70s 125 motocrosser, possibly BOGE shocks. Homemade chain tensioner (maybe not, it does have aircraft lock nuts). Oakley grips on ready to crack aluminum bars is perfect. Well used overall 70s look is just right. Oh and those motomags, why not?
  6. Victor Vicente of American (VVA) was a name change for one Micheal Hiltner. Hiltner was a member of the 1960 and 64 US olympic cycling team, One of the first Americans to try the grand tours of europe. Held the record for the Race Across America befoer there was such a thing, and without much crew support. He also was one of the inventors of the modern Mountain Bike, of which I can say I was able to see and ride back in 79. Also was inducted into the Cycling Hall of Fame.
  7. Great looking bike! Campy records are the cherry on top!
  8. I like them. I have no issue with modern bikes reissue/retro or otherwise. It is after all still a bike.
  9. Richard Vogt makes some note worthy observations. I think the answer is "Yes" re the frame being able to accept a motorcycle fork. But of course I am not the person to ask.
  10. Really cool before and after images and work to get to the after images, which is first class. A few details that make it extra nice: The original bike shop sticker, how nice the crank and sprocket look and of course the nickle on the frame. It is only original once.
  11. From having lived it what JMC said is what I recall.
  12. Well you could always split the difference, a Tuff up front and spokes in the rear. In any case that is a good looking bike!
  13. An innovator to be sure. Another bummer