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  1. Interesting article. Then as now I do not fully understand why one would purchase a heavier part when for similar money a light part does the same job. The Suntour unit is a good bang for the buck and the Laguna is as noted above.
  2. Not being able to zoom in on the image of Stu on the STR, is that a frame with the down tubes under the BB or ? Cool news article in any event.
  3. Very cool! The Canoga shop sticker is a nice touch.
  4. I think most of the members here do all there own work and I would encourage you to do the same if you can. If you are not mechanical now is the time to learn and there is always you tube. I would guess that the bike needs nothing more than a good detail clean up. I am a fan of it is only original once, so as you clean it be careful not to damage finishes, stickers etc. If you really want to hire the work out, you might reach out to a member here who is within driving distance of your location and work something out. Good luck!
  5. Well that is no fun. I was on a ride this evening (in the San Fernando Valley) and saw a modern SE Big Ripper, in red and gold that was very well cared for. I made a comment to the younger rider that he had a very cool ride. he was stoked as was I seeing SE still a alive after 40 some years making riders happy. Rest well Mike Devitt. I will add well said Steve.
  6. Moto 141, 14 novice to the gate.....followed by your Champion.....Perfect!
  7. Just making sure you are paying attention. Awesome bike!
  8. Nice work, much attention to detail!
  9. Very well done which is no surprise. A question or two: 1. Why two different Mathauser pads? Was that some advanced trickery or JU using parts on hand or ? 2. I noticed that is one of the reinforced brake bridge frames. Any way to know if that was the same type that JU was racing in the magazine image? 3. If you need a place to store that build let me know, I think I could find some room.
  10. Wow that is very clean, and I agree that appears to be as it was sold.
  11. Paramount goodness! Plus everything Rick said makes it a special one. I will add you can't have Reedy or Demco without having Weyless which are wey cool.
  12. As an owner of a 1980 Pro Am (same as your Pro Am) the e bay one for sale is not that. Perhaps a mini?
  13. If I were building a high end racer in 1979/1980 now (or then) I would have (and did) selected 99% of the same parts which is another way of saying you nailed it. Well done!
  14. Somewhere in my pile of parts are aluminum thru bolt axles (one is broken) for a Bullseye Hubs and if memory serves a magnesium one. So yes such things exist.
  15. Very interesting and not what I was thinking. I had though the Phil unit mounted to the lower seat mast or fame tube as a way to bypass the as installed BB AKA as the Phil unit would be the new BB location. Thanks for sending. Also if that is your drawing good work!
  16. Cool parts for sure. Can you provide further information on the Phil adjustable bottom bracket? And perhaps show one installed? As I have not seen that before.
  17. Oh and that fat bike has me interested. I have a cousin in Minnesota and he has one and raves about it.
  18. Your recap embodies one of the best parts of being alive.
  19. Very well presented information! Early race cruiser and mountain bike history right there. Dig the race shot, I see Mark Pippin (43) and the (199) rider not sure who but he was around my local tracks.