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  1. I wonder if that is the Kevin McCarthy that is now a congressman?
  2. I am fortunate (and thankful to my parents) to have been able to keep almost all my bicycles, frames and/or parts from then till now. Of the bikes I do not have, my first bike, a blue heavily (emphasis on heavy) upgraded, AJ wheels, etc 74 stingray. A first gen all steel yellow mongoose (with custom made added brake bridge) and a first year issue all steel blue SE OM flyer. Having said that, I have the frame and fork (along with most of the parts) that replaced the Mongoose. A Cycle Pro spoiler, purchased new likely mid 77. I had removed the original Cycle Pro Foiler stickers and replaced them with FMF in an attempt to fool people into thinking it was an FMF. It did not work, no one was fooled. When I got serious about racing in 78, I embraced the frame as it was sold and reapplied Cycle Pro stickers. I raced it until the end of 79 when I switched to a first generation SE str-1 likely obtained in Dec 79 but that is another story.
  3. Brian you have the kind of problem I can relate to, keep it up!
  4. You posted it because it is a cool build and I agree. What is the story on that chain? looks very strong.
  5. Brian this is one of my favorite threads because riding bicycles. Re the 24 I know they are awesome I will encourage you and your better half to also try out a modern hardtail MTB (27.5 or 29r) cause it is also good time. Keep up the riding!
  6. Nice parts change out, still looking first class! Question re the Motomags: Would the painted ones have been around for when that frame was out? Not that it matters I like it with Tuffs or Motomags.
  7. Awesome picture and background info. And Rick involved with some of the participants, very cool! As John said Thank you for your service! Didn't Dave Busby do motorcycle roadracing at some point? And RAAM, maximum respect for anyone that has done that.
  8. Amazing dedication and for the love of two wheels! He has my respect. Kind of related about 10 years ago I was doing the 12 hours of Temecula an MTB 12 hour XC race. On one of my out laps (each lap is 10 miles) late in the race I was on a long uphill grade portion and reeling a racer ahead of me in, which always feels good in race mode. Keep in mind I am NOT Tinker Juarez or even a cat 2 rider, just trying to stay in shape as I age. So I was thinking wow I am catching this racer on a hard uphill. Well I passed him but as I did I noticed he was only pedaling with one leg, clipped in of course. He was racing in a XC race with one leg and was getting it done. After the race went over to meet him, shake his hand and give him the respect he earned.
  9. Very nice bike! The wheel build is first rate. 4 cross spokes over/under and double butted= nice work! And the Cook name on the hubs is in good shape.
  10. Image files not quite as nice as PDF but... Suggested MSRP $125.95
  11. Found this intact Schwinn 1976 catalogue after my wife cleaned out the garage, likely one of her brothers as he was into bikes. Also found a 1978 Motobecane road bike brochure. Bike related porn in both cases. Re the early Schwinn ad for a BMX specific bike. Likely the result bikes like the one that this post opened with.
  12. That is very nice! I am thinking the hubs are aluminum but as chrome plated they almost appear as steel, which as a 79 race bike would be odd to say the least. Are they aluminum?
  13. I remember Larry White from time spent at the Teen Center, a fast racer for sure.
  14. I meant to add that is a very nice Cook Brothers frame, fork, stem and bars along the balance of the remaining parts. Good stuff!
  15. Very cool introducing a young man to the bicycle jump! One note though, check the handle bar stem (gooseneck), it appears (from the images) that it may be mounted higher than recommended height which may be a safety issue. The stem shaft is likely marked with a line showing the minimum insertion height.
  16. As long as we are talking 29 ers. My current ride
  17. A Nice "if I could only have one bike" choice, no suspension other than the tires is hardcore. Oh and the NASA sticker is awesome! I am a long term card carrying member of The Planetary Society.
  18. Is that Charlie Kelly?? or one of the other Mt. Tamalpais crew? Maybe Gary Fisher? Mountain bike roots right there.
  19. Something about "its only original once" . Not sure how to slice that pizza?
  20. Your bike is awesome!........the details........ I will add: As a 26 inch riding fool and I was late to the 29r party. I purchased a 29 race hardtail (Cannondale Flash Carbon) road bike efficient, light and race bike handling.........I suggest you do it!
  21. Interesting article. Then as now I do not fully understand why one would purchase a heavier part when for similar money a light part does the same job. The Suntour unit is a good bang for the buck and the Laguna is as noted above.