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  1. Bike was purchased new at Kar City Big Wheels in Cedar Rapids Iowa
  2. Scored this today...straight out of the barn since 81...best 25$ score ever...
  3. That frame had a Kar City Big Wheels bike shop head tube decal that I never ever seen before...Kar City was a famous bmx bIke shop I raced for back In the day..I don't know why that decal was on it ..but pure speculation would suggest it may have originated here in Iowa...would like to know the story...who actually built prodyne and how many were built..did they build 20s and 24s also...
  4. The stuff is old jmc tubing and parts...I bought a couple framesets in original boxes about 10 years ago from that guy ...I believe he had a couple fixtures also...Also Jim knows about the parts etc this guy is selling..
  5. Lets see...Hans Nissen..Mark Melton...Lawan Changa Cunningham...Rick Moliterno..Mark Driscoll..Tom Steiner...Dave Nuccio..Trent Parsons...
  6. Not buying a set of AP bars in 02 cause I thought 200$ was a little high............god Damn...
  7. These are Maximum Pro cruiser bars 29 x 6 ...og decals...