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  1. ignore the gizzhead above post....If he relly wanted to help you he would have asked a) what type of grips are you wanting to preserve? as one may be able to find a new set for very little $$, or just clean them with a de greasing product and spray with a silicone based spray. b) regarding the dry rot, depending on the damage one has too decide whether it is worth cutting out the worst of the rot and anding a new wall, hopefully preserving the thread .... this is of course worse case scenario
  2. a little gizz, and then a light polish with some whale oil will do the trick , have them like new .
  3. Ill get back to you bud, ask around for a et kuwa or tange looptail , bra.

  4. Thanks mate, anything you looking for this side of the pond?

  5. Hello, Brett could you help me find a tange looptail or hot heart or kuwahara et frame ? Condition unimportant, cash and newcastle brown waiting.

  6. Free airtime Well its time to hang my head in shame and admit i was thinking of making a order from the "HUTCH" website, i must admit to always wantin a * HUTCH* thank fuck i havent bought anything from the site, i have come close to filling my shopping basket with a set of cranks , a stem, pedals, pads and some decals , i managed to stop myself wehen the total popped up,my thoughts where to buy a original f + f and add some arayas, dia comps, bars , post, and clamp with a original kashi ................. Thanks Brett and others for pointing out the facts ..i still would not have a hutch , hutch to me means made in the usa and not australia , so for that reason and not that reason alone , i will not be wasting my money.
  7. for you guys in the usa who havent heard of kasabian, they are a massive band over here, they are bigger and better than oasis ,stones etc etc etc ...........check this out http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=9l4SY8r4HHwand http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=VTSbcdhBHuA
  8. http://www.digitalspy.co.uk/showbiz/a76492...emorabilia.html http://www.gigwise.com/news/37321/kasabian...an-buys-et-bike http://www.guardian.co.uk/music/2007/sep/2...ndrock.kasabian there are others too
  9. there are many BIG bands here in the UK that have a bmx collector in there groups
  11. hat center section looks plastic ...................... TESTING?
  12. i have to agree that is a Prototype or test pedal looks like either bullseye or my first thought is jp, i may be wrong though
  13. 1983, Makes me 13, great year for me, living in south africa, great weather.......... great trails,(one called the gat, a old meteor crator,the other called spider alley, loads of big spiders there but great fun as a kid) no bmx track near my house.......... closest one is a 20 mile round trip,used to ride there for practice and then ride back home at twilight ...........just in time to catch Knight Rider or a team on SA tv, LOVED IT, riding a kuwahara nova at the time,all was great didnt even look at the girls back in 83 (that came later around 85, )
  14. HI,i did see a set go on ebay uk ,last month,ill keep my eyes open, NOW .......... sorry for hijack but just a quickie im looking for a set of the chrome ones with the blue lightning flash please....if anybody sees a set or knows of any,thanks.
  15. any human that eats a dog or cat is disgusting in my book, thats my book i feel im not even on the same page as the chineese,or eastern countrys, ffs i didnt muuch like japan goin by waht happened in ww2 ,but that the chineese hated the japs too , i dont know anymore,guess i dont think sports and politics should mix, if theres a problem make WAR,BUT SEPERATE IT FROM SPORTS
  16. im 99% sure the frame that Niel has was raced in vereeniging(the dirt box) when greg brought a few riders over on a promo tour in 1983 contact greg Niel i may be on the ball.
  17. one ever heard of 3 of them one in usa one here in the uk and one here http://www.rainers-bike-shop.com/flash2/2_.../oldschool1.htm hes a real good dude loves bmx to the bone have a chat.
  18. dont get me wrong here that is a frame with some history and i hope he makes a lot of money its just that there is more out there than you think you just have to know where to look