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  1. wow interesting kind looks like a fat dude miss the seat when jumping the bike.
  2. D MAN

    Torker 2

    fist gens had side pull caliper brakes later 88 added better dia-compe type 990 ad U brake mounts.
  3. just went down to a local bike shop Cheap Goods to see it. fell in love with the raw model. so built a new bike. 2020 Hoffman Big Daddy it's cool looking but not loving it as much when I ride it. still have a look.
  4. I dig it only seen them in magazines. they were not at my local bike shop.
  5. I play along every year it's fun. if I knew how to help out I would.
  6. OK I will play along' nope all I got are 6 Skyway spoke mags not 5b.
  7. more pictures of my new to me build.. frame was NOS till I built it 2 weeks ago.
  8. my other S&M built this year is cool to . 2009 S&M Cam Wood
  9. I have been on a S&M kick lately. heirs some I built up. 20019 Holy Diver 2001 Call Girl 1999 Dirt bike
  10. it's a 2019 Colony Oz-One oh I also built a Morales, Subrosa Aggro Rag and a Haro
  11. can't wait till next year to see what cool bikes are entered .
  12. not trying to start crap. in MODERN ERA BMX (2000 to present) 20", 22" and 24" etc. there should not be the Yess in both first pick and runner up. with out some one voting for some other bike as fist pick. do's that means some one voted for the same bike twice?