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  1. 2000 S&M Call Girl this build started with a very clean NOS yet miner shelf wear frame been sitting in storage for years. waiting to be bought and built. frame a NOS 2000 S&M Call Girl fork new S&M reissue Pitch Fork bars S&M Butler bar I have had since bought new in 2000 head set NOS FSA piggy Stem S&M Red Neck with gyro tabs had since new in 2001 brake lever Dia-compe tech 77 bent DJ style had since 2001 grips new ODI long neck cut to fit with Gack alloy bar ends rear brake cables new S&M top cable NOS SST Gyro Gyro spinner SST rear brake dia-compe 990 U had since 2001 Cranks NOS 180 mm Snafu double pinch over sized beefy tanks. sprocket Odyssey 42 tooth pedals DK iron cross chain NOS Connex IG8 Wippermann wheels NOS Primo sun of a bomb hubs laced to Sun BFR rims with stainless steal Primo spokes freewheel ACS 16 tooth tires Maxis Holy Roller 20X175 pegs 4 Standard Bikes seat clamp Primo seat post DK seat Primo had hanging around 2000
  2. wow interesting kind looks like a fat dude miss the seat when jumping the bike.
  3. D MAN

    Torker 2

    fist gens had side pull caliper brakes later 88 added better dia-compe type 990 ad U brake mounts.
  4. just went down to a local bike shop Cheap Goods to see it. fell in love with the raw model. so built a new bike. 2020 Hoffman Big Daddy it's cool looking but not loving it as much when I ride it. still have a look.
  5. I dig it only seen them in magazines. they were not at my local bike shop.
  6. I play along every year it's fun. if I knew how to help out I would.
  7. OK I will play along' nope all I got are 6 Skyway spoke mags not 5b.
  8. more pictures of my new to me build.. frame was NOS till I built it 2 weeks ago.
  9. my other S&M built this year is cool to . 2009 S&M Cam Wood
  10. I have been on a S&M kick lately. heirs some I built up. 20019 Holy Diver 2001 Call Girl 1999 Dirt bike
  11. it's a 2019 Colony Oz-One oh I also built a Morales, Subrosa Aggro Rag and a Haro