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About Me

I am in to RC off road toys(buggies, stadium trucks monster trucks and sled pull trucks) have been since 1979  but been a bike lover / nut since I got my first sting ray bike.

now I am up around 43 BMX  and freestyle bikes plus have 2 mountain bikes 2 road bikes a vintage fix gear track bike.  4 classic stingray bikes. 3 lowrider bikes . plus I have two scratch  built home weld chopper pedal bikes . that I had friends help me make/ weld. but my fave bike build so fare is my 20" Dyno. it's a home weld tandem. that me my dad and a friend built. I painted it old school  80's Dyno sky blue. added repo decals. did not want to wast vintage 80's decals on it. added mostly all OS parts. I just really love building bikes. guess that's why in the 90's I got a job as a bike mechanic. as for now I just try to buy what I like. I do buy some bikes just to take a part off. for a build. then sell of the rest. to fund the bike build. but only if bike is way trashed. I prefer as is IE how the owner left it when he gave up on BMX. show bikes are nice but I prefer the unrestored classic bikes.