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  1. wow interesting kind looks like a fat dude miss the seat when jumping the bike.
  2. D MAN

    Torker 2

    fist gens had side pull caliper brakes later 88 added better dia-compe type 990 ad U brake mounts.
  3. just went down to a local bike shop Cheap Goods to see it. fell in love with the raw model. so built a new bike. 2020 Hoffman Big Daddy it's cool looking but not loving it as much when I ride it. still have a look.
  4. I dig it only seen them in magazines. they were not at my local bike shop.
  5. I play along every year it's fun. if I knew how to help out I would.
  6. OK I will play along' nope all I got are 6 Skyway spoke mags not 5b.
  7. more pictures of my new to me build.. frame was NOS till I built it 2 weeks ago.
  8. my other S&M built this year is cool to . 2009 S&M Cam Wood
  9. I have been on a S&M kick lately. heirs some I built up. 20019 Holy Diver 2001 Call Girl 1999 Dirt bike
  10. it's a 2019 Colony Oz-One oh I also built a Morales, Subrosa Aggro Rag and a Haro
  11. can't wait till next year to see what cool bikes are entered .
  12. not trying to start crap. in MODERN ERA BMX (2000 to present) 20", 22" and 24" etc. there should not be the Yess in both first pick and runner up. with out some one voting for some other bike as fist pick. do's that means some one voted for the same bike twice?
  13. I just squeaked in all my builds. work/new job hours got in the way off better picture spots. did not finish my Standard Byke .in time OH wheel next year it should be done.
  14. 2007 S&M Stricker Frame S&M Stricker BMX with Gyro tabs custom painted by me fork Primo custom painted by me. headset Dia-compe . Snafu detangler Gyro . Stem Mosh . bars Fit bike co 9 rise. brake lever Odyssey . grips Fit bike co . SST ORGY gyro brake cables . Dia-compe 990 AD brake with hombra lowering spring kit. . Seat and seat post Rant combo . . seat clamp ODYSSEY . sprocket Primo . Fit bike co . pedals Primo . chain Primo half link . front wheel Alien nation 36 hole . rear Aliene nation BSD hub on 36 hole rim . front Tire Fit bike co 20X1.95 . rear Tire Odyssey ELM street 20X2.0 .
  15. 1994 S&M dirt bike forks Haro Stem snafu Bars no clue found in trash can on trash day 1999 brake lever Dia-comp teach 77 rear brake tech troy S20 wheels Redline monster 48 hole pegs snafu tires dirt monster primo cranks Gt stamped profile 175 mm sprocket snafu 43 tooth pedals welgo chain KMC seat clamp GT seat post Primo rod seat $&M
  16. Same here. Where are the big guns out there? they have not foud the wright pictur spot to snap pictures yet?
  17. it do's not have pegs or gyro. it do's have 48 hole wheels and freestyle bars. but most road them for street and dirt jumping / trails. so what class is best The pic clearly shows front and rear pegs yet you state it doesnt have pegs. I originally said race but I believe this should be in freestyle once I saw it. Up to you. I threw on pegs so it could go in freestyle.
  18. 2001 Fit Series One frame painted buy me trans red over raw frame frame Fit 20.0 top tube series 1 and Fit bike CO fork bars Kink 9 rise grips ODI headset Stolen stem Fit brake lever MX 2 dirt tech Brake Tech troy brake cable odyssey slick cranks Fit bike co stock cranks sprocket BSD 25 tooth Pedals welgo chain KMC Z with 1 half link front wheel Alien Nation with lose ball low flange hub 3/8 axle rear wheel Premium Products rim and Premium Products sealed cassette hub tires Animal TWW 20 X 2.00 seat and post Fit bike CO pivotal
  19. 2000 Schwinn Pro Stock Team 24 mostly all factory stock survivor except for the DK handle bars
  20. it do's not have pegs or gyro. it do's have 48 hole wheels and freestyle bars. but most road them for street and dirt jumping / trails. so what class is best
  21. what vote thread class would a 1994 S&M DIRTBIKE be submitted/ entered in? MID-SCHOOL BMX 20" & Cruisers (1988 to 2000) or VINTAGE ERA FREESTYLE BMX (1999 and earlier) class?