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  1. so know one like's dk's on here then ,
  2. zed4130

    Dirt Jumpers

    not mid, but my dirt jumper
  3. hi mate, no im ok, this is real enough lol, longer plus full 4130, i know the older ones were also full 4130, but from 2002 i think they went hi tensile , they come up all the time on ebay, and not for much money, ill keep my eyes peeled, i like mine its abit different, thanks alot though although they do look nice in black paul
  4. This was actualy a 4pack, but the DK general lee is abit to short, and heavy, ive wanted a DK general lee from about 2000 , when i first saw one. hope you like it ,as you can gues im abit of a dukes of hazzard fan lol paul