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  1. Amazing shots! So many changes to the set up over the years. I had a Champ with a 5" head tube Decoster fork. Probably should have kept that fork. I'm guessing Spike may know this cat.
  2. When the re-release on dvd was being put together they needed a bike to re-shoot some scenes. My buddy was working at Industrial light and magic at the time. He was in charge of making the bike. So of course he called me and I brought over some parts to help put it together. He later sold that bike for quite a bit more than the one listed above. Considering the gusset was made of cardboard I think he did pretty well.
  3. I've had a ton of these things and almost every one was slightly different. For a company that was supposedly only around for a year or so they sure had a lot of variations.
  4. Second one I've seen both red. Ben Jerry ( only the true og will remember the name) used one on his CYC build. At the time we both thought it was a homemade job. Interesting to see a second appear.
  5. I'm looking forward to rebuilding the collection! But for now who wants to buy a RRS!?
  6. A sad day but totally understandable. It took a Herculean effort to pull off and there was very little upside. The industry was happy to take whatever they could for free or with the absolute minimum contribution. Most of the participants were great and happy to be there but of course there were always complaints that grind a guy down. It's amazing you lasted as long as you did. I want to say thanks for all you did in creating a truly great show that was always a highlight of my year.
  7. Finding this Goose helped cleanse me of seeing an early no brake bridge Decoster powdered gloss purple at the bike swap last weekend. What are there like four or five of those frames known and this wizard hits it with some awful powder coat? It was truly criminal. No side hack marks. Just spray paint peeling!
  8. Got this from a customer. Went to drop his bike off at his dad's place. The old guy had a garage full of hot rods and stock model T's. Not to mention old motors and just about any other cool shit that belongs in a garage. This was poking out a corner. I asked if I could check it out. Turns out they pulled it out of the dump in 82 and put it together. The dad is a retired San Rafael firefighter and worked with Otis Guy. One of the godfathers of mountain biking. He welded on the brake. They got the brake from Charlie Cunningham. So anyway we talked vintage cars, motorcycle, BMX and mountain bikes for a while and then I got in the truck to head back to the shop. Marty (the dad) runs out and flags me down. He says Mike (the son) wants you to have the mongoose. I couldn't say no. Great guys and a great bike with some cool history.