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  1. I have never been a Schwinn guy but my cousin had one and always thought it was rad... Finally got my hands on one and don't know anything about them... Any history lessons about this model is appreciated... Post pics soon.
  2. Trying to post pics from the iPhone... Oops.will post later.
  3. Miss the society... Been gone for a minute... New man cave construction and 2 kids later... Enjoy.
  4. Thanks... I wish... it was pretty much gone when I got it except for inside the bottom bracket... but the OG matched color.
  5. Thanks... it was fun putting it together... from bottom bracket to ground it is approx 10.5".
  6. 1984 GHP 24... just need to add a bar decal and brakes.... got them... but you know. 84 GHP 24 F/F Org pad set Araya 7x with 2 gen Bullseye hubs DK post/Clamp, Kashi leather Aero DK inverted stem Powerlight 24 bars with Ame grips 401s with Hadley Hutch pro pedals Nothing NOS... just a bunch of old cleaned up parts and a repowdered F/F (it was hit with a bad white powder when I got it and confirmed the original color Candy Red). Turned out way better than expected! Thanks Derek! Enjoy!
  7. Never liked them to begin with... was always a KKT Hutch pedal guy bitd. But if they stamped them "re-issue" or something fine... but they prob didn't do that.