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  1. Lawan "Changa" also rode for Hoffman later in his career. Robbie Morales also rode for Univega for a short stint. Very cool add. Thanks for posting.
  2. njracer

    S&M Slam Bars

    Nice set of survivor Slams. $50 shipped to lower 48. Uncut. PayPal is: njracer21@gmail.com
  3. njracer

    NOS VDC Changa

    Here it is! The only one out there. NOS frame, fork, headset and pad set. Everything you see is included. $5000 shipped. PayPal is: njracer21@gmail.com
  4. Gabrielle Bayhi 10 hrs · Edited · I am deeply sadden to learn that my BMX Buddy Deanna Edwards-Jamieson passed in her sleep. Ovarian Cancer claims another. I'm not going to say she lost her battle or she's a victim. She died as she lived, a Champion. Like · Comment · Share
  5. Early set sold. Thanks Roc!
  6. njracer

    Boss mini

    I'd be interested in the frame fork and head set if you part.
  7. Sure, I can work with you on the price if you're in the US. I sent you a PM. Hit me up there and we'll work it out.
  8. Yes, bars are still available.
  9. VDC race framesets. Campy and Skyway parts also. Lately I've been focused on stems when hunting. ESP and Pro-Fit are what I'm looking for mainly. Good thread by the way.
  10. Awesome score on all 3! Congrats!
  11. The serial # seems arbitrary for a prototype. Cool piece. Torker/ Haro looking frame with Trick Star type forks. I'm guessing early 80's. I love it when new unknown stuff pops up from the past.
  12. Anyone? I'm open to offers. Willing to ship anywhere, buyer to pay actual outside US.
  13. Bars are still available. Going to be selling my VDC stuff soon too. Pics and thread to follow.
  14. Paypal is: njracer21@gmail.com Will ship following Saturday.