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  1. That's the first bone-stock Ozone Method:O3 i have ever seen! Very nice find! Congrats Ant. Definitely send more pics when you can. Yeah the O3 was an entry level model out of the "Ozone family" with hi-ten steel frame. The bars look same as mine which should be cro-mo and i think the forks are cro-mo aswell but can't verify that. Definitely keep everything asis after a good clean up (maybe loose the kick stand though... lol). It's cool to see it has ALL the original declas on it, frame, forks, toptubes, bars, stem (!!) & seatpost tube. Can you tell me which tires are those and what does it say on the rims, cranks, pedals and finally, what front/rear brakes are those. Dia-Compe? Again, VERY nice find! -Timo
  2. Only 3 pages of artistic creativity?!? Last post from november?!? And here we have a forum load of BMX enhusiasts, restorers, collectors and whatnot?!? Come on!! We can do better than that! Bumpety-bump for artsy.
  3. Re-issues are great (and cheap optipon) for actual skating without destroying your valuable boards while the vintage wood sits on the wall. Boards are more "disposable" nature than bikes anyway, so i don't see a problem with the re-issue decks. They are meant to be ridden and destroyed. The serious collectors will continue to collect vintage wood, no matter how many re-issues there is or might be. Collectors know what's up. It's the newbies causing confusion usually. Most of the re-issues are marked/issued so that you can tell it's a re-issue. Not all, but most. The Vision re-issues have been around for quite a few years now. The first batch was release with old school truck holes but the more recent ones come with new scool holes. I don't know if that helps any but there are differencies you just have to know what to look. I don't like scammers either trying to pass on an re-issue as a vintage but there isn't much anything to do about it and it's a shame. But in the end it's just wood. LOL
  4. Couple self portraits of a regular Endo, wish i could do variations. Maybe this summer.. At the loading docks last summer. Sunset Endo at the ship yards. At the ship yards again from different angle.
  5. My JFA stuff Rest of my collection can be found here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/boneless-one/...57601253572599/
  6. For the record, PP mechanical dragon never came in boneite because it came out in 1990. Boneite was done by 1988. The 7P stamp also came around in late 80's PP's right after the let go of the boneite crap. Anyway, collecting-wise boneite decks are, actually, more desireable because they broke easier so therefore not many of them survived. And again, the '90 mechanical dragon in question is not boneite. There are plenty on 2nd gen Vetures around but people just don't know the difference between 1st, 2nd and 3rd gen. But the vintage 66's are pretty valuable especially if the graphics are good shape, there is always demand for original Bullets. I know these things, believe me.
  7. That was called the Caballero "Mechanical dragon" among the collecting circuit. Yeah 1990 it is. Appears to have nice condition second generation Ventures (from late 80's, sold from 1987-1990 & onwards), Powell Peralta rails. All the deck needs is some cleaning, keep it complete if you can it's a nice survivor. What does it say on the wheels? They look Like Bullet 66's no?
  8. Go to skullandbonesskateboards.com There should be plenty of info there, including 'what's my deck worth?' etc. However, about 5 years ago it used to be useful site with friendly members but not so much anymore, too many newbie collectors lurking everywhere, too many members, too much everything. Good luck.
  9. So far the debate has been mostly focused on the racing side of BMX but how many flatland rider do you know who used cantilever brakes? People were still using Nippons in the mid 90s yet there was u-brake forks already around. What this has to do with anything? I don't know. What is mid-school? Seems there are as many definitions as there are riders and that's cool. But isn't it obvious that if you started riding say, in 1971 then wouldn't 1981 be mid school to that person? See what i mean? For me the transition from the 80's to the 90's was when the ATHMOSPHERE and STYLES changed dramatically. I have never owned a bike with A-headset. Can you believe that? LOL
  10. Howbout this, a simple generalization to decades to spare us all from the silly debate because this is more less subjective matter as to what is old and what is not: 70's vintage 80's old 90's mid 2000's new ?
  11. (I think) i'm in. Mid School rat comp sounds cool! Actually ive been waiting when a comp like this would be held. The old school rat bike comps have been great to watch, but i simply don't have any "left over" parts from mid 80s and the '88-89s never qualify "old enough" for those competitions - for some reason. Anyway, to me mid-school is definitely 1990-1998 (in some rare cases '99, depends..) when you could still identify bikes and tell which is which. Now they just look identical. 2000 and over is new-school to me but thats just my view of things. Ok so if i would've been around riding since early 70s then i guess mid 80s would be new school etc. so i guess i depends on who's looking. Yeah, i'm in. When is the deadline?
  12. Yeah, i found out about it a little over year ago in march 2007. It's strange yet very cool to see your own artwork on someone's back.