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  1. Sorry about that. Divorce and some serious family health issues needed my attention.
  2. What is an exceptable price. I'm looking to gouge or be gouged. I must stress that this is only a "feeler" at this point."
  3. Well guys...it's a difficult decison, but I may have to dump the PK Ripper due to a pending divorce and terrible economy. This was my dream bike, but maybe in a few years I can get one again (If I sell). Can someone give me a estimated sell price?
  4. I work in the alum industry. Aluminum tempers harder and harder as time passes. The harder is gets, the more brittle it becomes.
  5. I'm slowly working on this bike. The stem is a suntour and seems short. Is this era specific? Also, what would be the correct seat. The Unicantor looks out of place. Please keep in mind that the seatpost is fluted and has one end tapered.
  6. I like you way of thinking! I'll leave the frame "as is," but the cranks, sproket and handlebars are faded. I think I'll get those re-annodized.
  7. The guy I bought it from said it was his ex-wifes step son's. He said he belived it to be all original. The Annodizing on the frame is a bit faded. It is not powder coated. I work in the Alum industrial and I'm sure it's annodized. On a side note...the BB bearings are stamped "Schwinn."
  8. So should I have it re annodized or keep it as is?
  9. These dimensions seem smaller than a standard PK Ripper. Any thoughts?
  10. Here are some dimensions I took; 1) Top tube from inside seat tube to inside head tube is 17.75" 2) Head tube is 4" long 3) Down tube from inside seat tube to inside head tube is 17.5" 4) Seat tube from inside bottom bracket to inside top tube is 8" 5) The handle bars are 23" wide 6) The fork tubes are 1" OD
  11. Great info! My frame has no serial number anywehere on it. I'll post some pics and dims later tonight (hopefully).
  12. Yes they do have a brake hole. They are very light also.
  13. Here are some pics of the parts. Not sure of what forks they are. Any ideas?
  14. Actually I'm in MN. I bought the bike through a inter-company website. The guy lives in NE. He also has a Powerlite Havock for $100.00