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  1. All right i'm glad your home everything is going to be hella good man. just take it easyand dont STRESS! that don't help at all. you rock man. :4_1_9:
  2. I'm glad to hear rick is doing better.get well soon.Patti thanks for the up date. plaese keep us posted. your friend in phoenix az. hope tosee rick back on line soon. tell rick thanks for every thing he's the reason i started racing.
  3. It was long over do way to go rick. you ROCK! man.
  4. Happy thanks giving to all. I'm just going to get on my bike and ride for a while. and every one be safe on the roads watch out for those DAMN DRUNK DRIVERS!
  5. I hear so many riders say that 41/18 is the best for cruiser I would like to hear from other riders that race.I'M NEW TO THIS SITE . I REALY DIG ALL OF THE STUFF ON HERE THANKS.
  6. Hey! man that's way cool.enjoy it while you can