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  1. vintage chromoly

    That bike is really authentic
  2. One of the best chainwheels in my opinion. Aesthetically and functionally. Simplicity can be a beautiful thing.
  3. I'm in the same boat. I still have all my stuff, but I've lost the fire. very cool that you found a clean original example. I culled my collection of any refinished items years ago as well. I had no idea Torker offered hubs. That's cool! Has anyone laid eyes on a pair? Anyhow, good for you and I hope this project sparks your fire once again.
  4. Are those trueline wheels? Doh, just read the listing and answered my question.
  5. I agree mcam. I think as the hobby has evolved, items that were high end when we were kids have become so commonplace that bmx collectors/builders start looking for the obscure stuff to take their game up a notch. If not done carefully, a wacky "Christmas list" bike is born. Sorry for the thread derail. Probably a topic for its own thread.
  6. I hate reproduction gear as much as the next guy but, I don't let its intrusion on the scene alter my roll. Most of my stuff is "played out" as far as builds go. Flights, oakleys, mx1000's, GT pro bars, shimano DX pedals, etc... I build them really close to what I had back when. Just because a bunch of clowns want to make believe with this fake garbage, doesn't spoil my enjoyment of the gear ive gathered. Eliminating items from usage due to phony shit really narrows the game. That said, bullseye is a great example of a once cool item becoming wack.
  7. "Survivor" cars are all the rage anymore at the car gatherings. A very very small percentage of the collector cars out there and that's part of why they are so cool.