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  1. Well, AMAZING! this is NOT the OSBMX I use to know (Ooops i mean BMXSociety) where everyone was screaming at each other for some crazy reason about some build......wheres the HATE??? I was expecting a good ol BASHIN.....even Steve was too nice about me building OVERPOLISHED TURDS in RED constantly
  2. Well, we gave the builder/artist 3 damaged frames, and 2 forks to be used for 2 completes....originally I asked him to use all the OG tubes, but for some reason he gave mine a machined head tube and new top and down tube.....but EVERYTHING else is OG Diamond Back. with little extension pieces welded into the rear ends to lengthen them to accommodate a 24" wheel. and of course the obvious OG DB "diamond" gusset was first de-welded, then welded into the new Toptube n down tubes......fun stuff to say the least......this was no overnight build that's for sure! hell, he was the 3rd person to have possession of all the doner frames, and HE had em for almost 6 months ALONE, but he never gave up
  3. I told Rob that we shoulda went with his original subject title of "LET THE LINCHING BEGIN"........ :whistling: In all seriousness we just wanted to do something cool and I wanted to do a DB Harry Leary TURBO 24 for the longest time but got discouraged when I couldn't find where to get the black chrome done CORRECTLY .......WELL ENJOY or come with the bashin....
  4. Ooooops sorry I didn't mean to be so accidentally mean....of course at 44 years old, you know it is gonna come accross pretty lame when all i have been hearing for years now is "WHAT YOU HAVEN'T SEEN R.A.D.? Sorry guys i was just a race guy, but i can imagine what a few of you said about being a kid and it being the first time seen on the big screen, being kinda cool......but those disco BMX scenes.....ouch!.....and that stuffy little HELLTRACK that they looked like they were struggling to go 7 MPH on was killing me......not to mention numerous laps being almost physically impossible......HELL TRACK is one lap @ Bellflower BMX.....I about fall over when i cross the never ending finish line.....lol Joe kid on a stingray......now that's THE SHIT.....: )
  5. I'm dieing over here................are you f-in kidding me.........WOW
  6. PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE tell me I'm not the only person that thought that movie was SUPER FU@%IN GAY............WHAT A JOKE.....Laughing so hard right now it hurts..................help me god
  7. Pretty big old school show this weekend on Sat. August 25th 2012, in San Diego (Crown Point)........is anybody gonna post up the info.."...more people need info........thanks guys....... ; ) Or if you need BASSIC INFO from me.....Call Scot in Carlsbad (760)710-9272
  8. Ahhhhhhhh then theres Jason the 26 footer too......
  9. Didnt know what section to post this in, but I just wanted to say that this SITE and all it's SUPER COOL events has lead me to a VERY COOL list of GOOD FRIENDS..... Koho and his SUPER COOL wife (Kim) have been just as true friends as you can possibly have....These people are so REAL and nice....Thank you for your gifts and for joining me and my son on our birthday campout...You guys ROCK Thanks to Snorton and now STEVE @ BMXSOCIETY for hooking me up with good people................Means a LOT Kim, Koho, Ant, G-ride, Manhatten Bch Brett, Rick Riley, OC Dave, Joe Blizzard, Alvin, Shadesean, PK, Kohos bro "Joey" and "George", and a bunch of other cool people who I just know by face at all the rides and events, I cant remember what they go by on here (sorry) and even a couple keyboard bros like Jan from Canada. Had some cool phone conversations with Stevenbeven from Chicago.........You all ROCK!!! and even a little more than my lifetime bros from high school that just dont have time to get on a bike n ride with a good friend No, I'm not gay, sick, or dieing just having a HAPPY moment....lol....
  10. Yeaaaaa Alex......I say build the hell out of that thing..........it already has a GREAT look with the black red and chrome theme......401 decals to match too.......
  11. They came on an early Cw I bought the other day, and to be honest with you I was not mentioning they had "TANGE" stamped in the steer tube cause I heard that TANGE made steer tubes for a lot of bike companies......Larock if ya need em let me know and maybe we can work sompin out a little need list of mine....I can add PAYPAL to compensate for un-even trade too 1)orphan 24" ARAYA 7X in chrome or red (NICE) 2)orphan 177mm single pinch REDLINE drive arm 3)Sugino 400 bottom Bracket for my Harry Leary Turbo Cranks 4)Square corner dk inverted cruiser stem And thank you guys, for chiming in with your BMX knowledge
  12. Fork I.D........Can anyone help? Thank you in advance for looking.....
  13. like the center of the crossbar is smaller in diameter???????
  14. the new ones look they were made @ 5PM on a Friday. Maybe it's the Scotch but symmetry is not a major concern apparently. You are funny Brett...........but no markings or anything?????