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  1. So I feel I need to chime in on this subject... As for the quality of the packing job, only the best "tools" were used including Shiner Bock, a bottle opener and some trap music, maybe a crescent wrench and pretty close to the correct size sockets and a handful of old towels and free T-shirts thrown in each box. So yeah, shits gravy. On a side note, will this be the year that you duplicate the Christmas morning photo? Can I suggest replacing the actual tree with another 6 foot crop from the farm? I can't wait to see that card taped on my refrigerator!!
  2. Pffft, Oregon. Yeah, well growing weed with Jim Belushi could be cool.... if that's your thing. I just want to take this opportunity to announce that I have a recent opening on the LB Peninsula Bench if any parties are interested, PM me your application. Must have vast knowledge of early SE Racing and S&M and also the ability to kill an 18-pack of Tecate is a must!! Oh and congrats I guess too (peace sign emoji, etc.)
  3. Well first off, you’re welcome for letting you borrow my plaid shirt for your birthday party. Second, sorry if I spilled champagne on the Floval. If riding that bike 67 blocks back home to 1st & Kinney with you on the handlebars wasn’t enough, then Brandi waking me up this morning with my dick in the dirt probably was; I hope it was worth it! P.S.- I think I remember you telling me that you were 35 when we met 5 years ago, right?? C-YA!
  4. Not the typical bump I would normally prefer but I will take it! 6+ years later and after being finger banged by the homies a few times, I have ended up with this in my garage. I am not able to afford her the lavish lifestyle she was accustomed to in the past but a GT OPC and Sun Rims with DK Sealed Hubs will make a solid rider for 2019. The Brian Hays treatment was given of completely disassembled, waxed, re-greased etc. Pic was taken near the original Greyboy shot on the LB Peninsula. Much like my Auburn Cruiser in the BOTY, this bike rides it's best in the 6 Tecate range. I am starting to see a pattern. #PatelsColdStore
  5. I originally picked up this Auburn Cruiser a few years back and soon after sold the frame to fund another build. As soon as it was gone I regretted it. Some may know that feeling. Fortunately it was sold to a buddy who understood and I was able to get it back ealier this year- thanks again Ross! I built it up from mostly spare parts laying on the garage floors of local friends and considering that it doesn't have a Brooks seat or a propeller on the handlebars, it still rides pretty well for a bike that costs less than a CBR seat clamp. It cruises best in the 5-7 Tecate range... allegedly. All original finishes and decals throughout (copy and pasted from every William Larock post). - '95 Auburn CR-24R Frame - S&M Pitchfork - GT Headset - DK Invert Stem - S&M Pre-GAy Bars - ODI Longneck Grips w/ Flite Donuts - Shimano DX Brakes w/ Kool Stop Pads - GT Padded Seat, GT Micro Adjust Post and GT Double Bolt Clamp - Sun BFR Rims w/ Profile Cassette Hubs and Stainless Spokes - Maxxis Holy Roller Tires - Powerlite / Profile cranks and Sealed Bottom Bracket - Powerlite Sprocket - Crupi Pro Square Pedals - Cheap Steel Chain Tensioner on Drive Side Thanks for looking and Happy Holidays!
  6. Lake jumping is an Illinois thing, we prefer pool jumps here in the LBC! ...But good idea actually!
  7. This spot is probably starting to look familiar to some of you. Break-in ride on the Challenger cruiser with the kingpin of the clique himself S.Bros. It went well!
  8. Oh, and you may want to pick up some more beer when you get back in town... just sayin'.
  9. Oohhh whhaaat- remember that bender weekend we had in Kansas and I let you borrow my SE Beckering jersey and... ahhh nevermind. All good stuff bro but the real gold is that pic of your uncle on the PK and that RBS painters cap!
  10. Merry Christmas to all and looking forward to seeing Steve's 2016 version of that pic!
  11. HAHA- I deserve that! What's up Hays, I'm coming to Chicago next week- you able to scoop me up in the camo bus?
  12. This is the heat that keeps the bitches soaking in their seat! #beaver_retriever
  13. When I look at this bike, it just screams All Stars, fat laces, gun charges and court cases! #LBC213
  14. @BigPoppaS OMG LOL! #Mickeys40oz #RedStripeLager #Eek-A-Mouse #Chipwho? #GLWS C-YA!