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  1. Just wanted to send my condulences to Alvin and family for the loss of his dad . I knew his Dad and i know that we can all cherish the memories and stories that we had with him . Alvin you are one of the strongest men that i have ever met overcoming tragedies and obstacles that i wish in the past that i had the strength to overcome and i want you to know that you have been a great inspiration in my life beyond words i know you will deal with this like you dealt with other obstacles in life , its another page in our life . I LOVE YOU BROTHER.... ANDY PATTERSON
  2. i admire talent, and Lee Reynolds definitely has it. i'am a little jealous cause Alvins Mullins use to think i was the coolest but i guess i got competition now. LOL!!! can't wait to have you aboard the 40 and over club that were putting together soon.
  3. Hey Anthony thanks cool I'll see at the skatepark Bro
  4. Yeah Brett I did like all the pictures of everyone , I was feeling a little sick the day of the BBQ but had such a good time hanging out with everyone thanks for the photos
  5. Hey Brett, good to finally get online, I forgot my password and just got a new one, Thanks Steve, I'll be around more now, cool bike don't feel bad about falling if your not falling your not riding
  6. what's up everyone? Had a great time at the BBQ! thankx to Gonzo & all the guy's from OS and that crazy Texan Brett, Great to finally meet all of you in person, good people good times, see you all at the next event Andy P.