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  1. Has anyone worked out a timeline of the Sunshine/Sanshin similar hubs to see if one copied the other?
  2. https://www.ebay.com/str/Bmx-Products-AU/Magzines-Books-Catalogs-etc/_i.html?_storecat=4417041013 Yes i will combine shipping for bulk
  3. I would say its possible. Not offered to public for sale though. Danny Oakley had a Black smoke chrome Moosegoose which predates Pro Class's. One of them got sold on ebay a while back.
  4. Seriously you compare it like that??? Good on ya, Marcos!
  5. LOL..... the buyers premium alone was more than i was bidding!! $22k+ 28% buyers premium
  6. i can pretty much confirm it, upside down at the back. Behind the scenes of the bikes being delivered.
  7. Ive started sorting out my brochures and found this gem among the kawasaki stuff. Nice to find this sort of info out.
  8. maybe this will help looks like mild steel ones were called TS-1031 what the hell are the "alloy fatty forks" though??
  9. just put up separate plastic coated hooks and space apart so axles dont hit
  10. Dont worry Seafoamer, pro class repop decals were done long before i bought your set!!! Yes i bought your set, BUT NO they have not even been opened Yes they will displayed and not used. Yes i have a frame without decals i can send you a picture of (i'll even include todays newspaper so i can show you todays date!) Below is a small selection of my NOS decals for display. Possibly including your set Normally i wouldnt show pics of my collection, but just to show Seafoamer that i do have and will have a display. Heres a pic of my new display room under construction. Flame away..........